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Hey guys, my name's Sam Smith. I'm a junior in high school and am becoming more and more of a sports fan.

My biggest passion in sports is football. It's definetly the most exciting and fun sport to not only watch, but play as well. I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan, but I am also a Bills fan (just because Terrell Owens is a part of this team now) too. The best football team in college, to me, is Virginia Tech - go Tyrod Taylor! For baseball, the Atlanta Braves are the way to go!

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  • Robb Humphrey posted 2863 days ago

    Robb Humphrey

    are you still around?

  • robert a posted 3104 days ago

    robert a

    Krista:NFL runningback Ryan Moats was pulled over last week on the way to the hospital to say goodbye to his dieing mother-in-law. He was detained and harassed by the officer for almost 15 minutes, and in that time his mother-in-law passed away. He was not able to get to her in time to say goodbye.

    I was heartbroken when I heard this story, but enraged when I actually saw a 17 minute video of the entire incident. I have never seen such an abuse of power in my life.

    Because of the nature of this subject, this article was pretty important to me. I would love if you could check it out when you get a chance. If not, no problem. Thanks!

  • robert a posted 3125 days ago

    robert a


    Myself, James Williamson, and Andrew Nuschler have put together a Dallas Cowboys' roundtable. Our second installment is focusing on—you guessed it—the news of the Terrell Owens release.

    It's a lengthy read, but there is some pretty good stuff in there. Check it out if you have a chance. If you can't get around to it, no worries. Thanks!

  • robert a posted 3127 days ago

    robert a


    Despite the fact that I knew little about Corey Smith and Marquis Cooper before this weekend, their tragic boating accident has really hit me kind of hard. I think it is a pretty heartbreaking story, and I think that we as fans can learn a lot from it.

    Check it out if you have a chance. If not, no worries! Hope you enjoy!

  • robert a posted 3163 days ago

    robert a


    If you have a chance, check out my latest article. I'm weighing in on Terrell Owens' new reality show with VH1 (Sneak Preview: I don't like it AT ALL!)

    If you have a chance to give it a read, great! If not, no worries. Thanks!

  • James Williamson posted 3170 days ago

    James Williamson

    Hey Krista, this is one act that could make the Dallas Cowboys a force in the NFL, even more than they are now.

  • robert a posted 3170 days ago

    robert a


    Got an article for you to read if you get a chance! I have been waiting to write this one for weeks now!! It is a rewritten scene from the movie "The Princess Bride" that has been changed to incorporate the NFL Super Bowl.

    This is my personal favorite article of all the ones I have written, and I think it is pretty funny! I would love to get some feedback (positive or negative) on it if you have the time.

    If you get around to it, thanks a bunch. If not, no worries! Thanks!

  • Brad Webster posted 3170 days ago

    Brad Webster

    Look what you started! Just kidding. Keep writing!

  • Dan Parzych posted 3171 days ago

    Dan Parzych

    There were people who believed in the Cardinals all along. There were people who didn't believe in them at all. No matter what you believed, we are all believing in the Arizona Cardinals now. If you have time, I'd love to know what you think. Thanks!