1. Freedom of the Press...For It or Against?

    We, the writers for the Bleacher Report, have a very dangerous tool in our hands. At any given moment, we can put pen to paper and change someone's world. In this wonderful society we live in, we have many Freedoms that are referred to as Basic Freedoms..

    D.D. Harding Written by D.D. Harding about 6 years ago 591 reads 5 comments

  2. Jim Rice, Barack Obama, and MLK: To Be Black in Boston

    I can't help but wake up today and feel like the world has been turned upside down. After 233 years of hatred, prejudice, and oppression, I can finally stand atop my Boston tenement and scream, "It Is Great To Be an African-American in Boston...

    D.D. Harding Written by D.D. Harding about over 6 years ago 1,379 reads 27 comments