David Paisie

David Paisie


Born in Toldeo, Ohio. David has an undergraduate degree from the University of Toledo in business, with a major in accounting. He also holds a Masters of Science in Taxation degree from Walsh College in Troy, Michigan (a suburb city of Detroit). David has worked at Deloitte & Touche ("Big Four" accounting firm), General Electric Corporation, and General Motors Corporation, among others. He currently lives in San Diego, California.

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  • Jeff Rosenthal posted 2859 days ago

    Jeff Rosenthal

    Mr. Paisie: You should also realize that Tigers knee problems could be as a result of HGH use. I used HGH and ended up with Shoulder surgery, and they could be related. Since HGH will increase muscle mass, the added stress on tendons and ligimants is natural. The tendons and Ligaments in your body are designed to handle the size of YOUR structure. The correlatrion etween tendon and ligament damage and HGH is high. Rob Faigin is the expert. Check him out at www.extique.com
    Regards, Jeff Rosenthal

  • George Jones posted 2868 days ago

    George Jones

    Great article! I hope I'm right when I say I don't believe TW is on PED's. Do you think the pole would be different if the affairs had not surfaced? I don't believe Carmillo is on anything either, they both just work hard. I support a young man on the mini tours and a lot of these guys are ripped. Main reason colleges red shirt guys is to bulk the up because of improper training in high school. 30 lbs. over the time span mentioned is not unusual, some are worse but it's fat related. The Dr. issue is an esy out, people come to M.D. Anderson for cancer treatment when they could have gone somewhere else. Sports stars use who they are comfortable with. Once again great article and I hope he is clean, I enjoy his game not his recent behavior!

  • Michael Fitzpatrick posted 3013 days ago

    Michael Fitzpatrick

    Hey David,

    I have to give credit where credit is due - good call on Woods not winning a major this season. You were right.

  • Michael Fitzpatrick posted 3109 days ago

    Michael Fitzpatrick

    Hey David. Glad you wrote that article about Tiger's quest to break Jack's record.
    It was an excellently writen article!
    I happened to disagree but that is, of course my opinion. Doesn;t take away from your vew and your well-written article.
    You should write more historical articles like that.
    I wasn't old enough to watch Jack in his prime and I read a lot about the game's history (ie. read Jack's autobiography, Palmer's biography, Bobby Jones biography, Ben Hogan's biography, Walter Hagan's biography, etc.) but you are right in assuming that many people who read and write about golf today are not very familiar with the competiton and level of play back in Arnie and Jack's day. I have read about that era, but that obviously does not come anywhere near comparing to having actually seen and witnessed golf in that era.
    You should write more about that era and Jack in particlular as many so-called golf fans don't know a thing about golf other than what they are watching right now.
    Again, great article.