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I'm an English-Kiwi sports fanatic from Balham, London, currently based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

I love writing about sports, especially football. Manchester United is my team - a love passed down by generations before me.

I usually try to watch every EPL game during the week so don't be afraid to hit me up with a question or just to chat about the greatest league in the world.

For those vaguely curious, I speak with a Manchester/London/Kiwi hybrid accent.

- Football is life... everything before and after is just waiting.

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  • Benny D posted 352 days ago

    Benny D

    Hello Mr. Towle... I am from the states... a NY Yankee fan who has slowly (but surely) been getting addicted to football. I call it football now, so that's saying something. I was reading through some comments and such and was pretty impressed by your knowledge of the game. I have been trying to establish some of my "teams".. not only in the EPL, but world football... and really don't know how to go about it. I don't want to be a "front-runner", but it would be nice if these teams had a legit shot. Any info/ insight you could provide would be helpful, and I look forward to hearing back from you. I am also looking forward to MCFC's MLS expansion team getting started here next year as well. I find the whole process very exciting! Be sure to read the posts on my board from another writer,,, Thanks!

  • Emmanuel Cruz posted 378 days ago

    Emmanuel Cruz

    Hi max, I have until recently seen you right a lot about future talented players, could write about Icardi, Lamela, and Dybala as they are some good players i used to see but until recently have stopped watching them.

  • Nabin Paudyal posted 397 days ago

    Nabin Paudyal

    Hi Max,
    What's the incentive to write for Bleacher Report? I mean, are you paid or not? If we're paid, from which level (analyst, contributor or what?) are we paid? What's the scale? Can you help me out? Thanks in advance!

  • David Teo posted 442 days ago

    David Teo

    Hello Max, Look out! MAZOOMY is Pathetic Plastic Man Utd Fans! The most wanted plastic fans. Bayern is his family's club, Man Utd is his adoptive club. Don't argue with this idiot. He knows nothing about football .

    He said True fans don't call their own player a piece of shit?? but he is piece of shit. He calls everybody plastic, pathetic, stupid and spoilt brat because disrespectful to Ashley Young. But wow, he even disrespectful to wayne rooney, desperately want rooney out of United squad and so desperately want to get rid of him. He even claimed that rooney is stupid, cry baby, useless, selfish and man utd better without rooney! This pathetic guy is Hypocrite, such a piece of shit, he's everywhere. The Most Wanted Plastic fans MAZOOMY. Look out! He's a Virus

  • Sandeep Sreekumar posted 470 days ago

    Sandeep Sreekumar

    Hi Max... do you write any more.. ? do let me know.. really miss your works

  • Sid Shah posted 528 days ago

    Sid Shah

    How do you think we can include Rooney,RVP and Kagawa together ?

  • First Name posted 537 days ago

    First Name

    Hi Max, It's been a long time since we've spoken.
    Do you know when Will Keane is going to come back from injury? And what do you think of the Marouane Fellaini signing?

  • Danny Welbeck posted 538 days ago

    Danny Welbeck

    Next time you write a article, can you make a extremely biased reference towards me?

  • Olli Seppala posted 538 days ago

    Olli Seppala

    New SD! review up.

  • Abz posted 543 days ago


    We're in talks with Ozil now, sky sports just reported it!

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