Completely Loyal Atlanta Fan

Completely Loyal Atlanta Fan

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HUGE sports fan.

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  • Indians Fan posted 175 days ago

    Indians Fan


  • Mark Johnson posted 296 days ago

    Mark Johnson

    No problem!

    I own an NBA website (link is on my profile) that is part of the FoxSports/YardBarker network. We're always looking for quality writers, and I'd love to have you on board.

  • Mark Johnson posted 303 days ago

    Mark Johnson

    I'm incredibly impressed with your comments, Aquil. I have an offer that you may be interested in.

  • RC Akhtar posted 343 days ago

    RC  Akhtar

    well it is your opinion :/

  • RC Akhtar posted 344 days ago

    RC  Akhtar

    1. MJ
    2. Kareem
    3. Wilt
    4. Magic
    5. Bird
    6. Russel
    7. Kobe/Oscar
    8. Oscar/Kobe
    9. Duncan
    10. Shaq

  • Spurs. So the Heat knows what it feels like when Mike Miller was making it rain from downtown against us :P

  • My bad, I thought you were a broncos fan cuz peyton manny was in your avi. still, he plays for the broncos >:(

  • Small Fundamental posted 361 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    Game 6 was complete and utter bullcrap :P...... Still sore about that.

    The other games were good (even the blowouts).

    In the end, it's all just a game and we got to just move on.........

  • The Durantula posted 361 days ago

    The Durantula

    Thnx bro, u seem like a huge bball fan too, and I like ur favorite coaches list, ur probably the only person who has Red Auerbach there. Thnx for the fan add btw :)

  • Hello Aquil. When I read your message, I thought you were a Spurs fan. However. when I clicked your profile, I found out you were a Heat fan >:( (really really really angry face) lol. but to be honest, it sucked. One rebound away could've been title #5. the whole series was emotionally draining, yet exciting. To make things worse, I also found out you are a Denver Broncos fan >:( why are you doing this to me? lol im joking. how do you feel though about the Heat giving away Mike Miller?