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Expect 2 blogs about World Football every week about everything from the English Premier League to World Cup qualifying fixtures

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  • Richard Warrell posted 1164 days ago

    Richard Warrell

    Y'know whenever I write an article it ends up on your bulletin board

  • Richard Warrell posted 1232 days ago

    Richard Warrell - latest piece :)

  • Gianluca Trigoni posted 1247 days ago

    Gianluca Trigoni

    Hi George,

    We are a Publishing company which already has One title World Business Magazine being published for over one year. We are now Launching a Monthly Sports Magazine and wanted to inquire whether you would be interested in allowing us to use your content for our Print Publication. Kindly drop us an email at so that we can talk further.


  • Jack McKenzie posted 1282 days ago

    Jack McKenzie

    Miss your WWE articles :)

  • Dangggggg. Look at him. posted 1299 days ago

    Dangggggg. Look at him.

    Hi George. You know what might make a good article? Why Cody Rhodes has not really been on alot recently. He wasn't even on Smackdown last night, but his on tv time as been dwindling since before last night too. Also, i just saw Will's message to you below, and have to agree with him about Santino. Sorry. His finishing move s an insult imo.

  • Richard Warrell posted 1310 days ago

    Richard Warrell

    Followed :) [I'm @TheRamblingElf]

  • Dangggggg. Look at him. posted 1312 days ago

    Dangggggg. Look at him.

    I'm very relieved to hear you are still writing for BR. Good luck with the moving. :0)

  • Dangggggg. Look at him. posted 1314 days ago

    Dangggggg. Look at him.

    George where ya been? I haven't found a WWE article by you in a while.Am I not looking in the right place? If BR allows 19 year olds like Tyson Jones to write, you should definitely be writing lol. :0)

  • Richard Warrell posted 1319 days ago

    Richard Warrell

    Thanks a lot for the comment about it!

    I always feel a bit guilty posting links to my articles in comments sections because while I'm doing it to become a part of the discussion on the article, and because I think the writer might appreciate it, I always worry I will look like I am just whoring myself out. Glad you took it the right way :D

  • Dangggggg. Look at him. posted 1345 days ago

    Dangggggg. Look at him.

    We agree too much on things for me not to be a fan. lol.