John Williams

John Williams


I'm from the Windy City but all my family is from Michigan, so don't think I'm some fair weather Michigan fan.

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  • Chris Lane posted 1827 days ago

    Chris Lane

    Don't take any offense from what I wrote to you. My facts were true. Hoke's record is barely above .500 and he hasn't won any conference titles in his 10 year coaching career. If you'll be cool and tell me why calling Ohio State simply Ohio is SO COOL, I might just move along and leave you alone. All you have to do is tell me why you think calling my beloved school Ohio and I'll drop it all. See....if Urban Meyer started calling Michigan State simply "Michigan", we Buckeye fans would need to know why that is so cool to do before we let Meyer build an army of 2 million+ clones that disrespect a school by calling it by ANOTHER SCHOOL'S NAME.

    Ask around about me to your Michigan friends. You will find out that I respect Michigan more than most Wolverine fans. I'm not a bad guy at all. However, I have seen hundreds of Michigan fans call Ohio State just Ohio...and when I ask them why they do it, NO ONE tells me the same answer. Michigan's fans do it, but they are just doing it because a guy that was born in Ohio started doing it. See...that is beyond stupid to me. And Michigan fans are supposed to be the smart ones. I realize that Michigan fans are nowhere near as smart as they used to be (I'm old), but Michigan was ranked #15 in the top colleges in the WORLD....not the nation, the world!. However, the fans just seem to get dumber and dumber. Sorry...that does not go for everyone and I KNOW how dumb the average Buckeye fan can be.