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Why would anyone care about me?

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  • slappy johnson posted 1175 days ago

    slappy johnson

    Sharon, let's be honest. No one is named John harry. That's why I say, you're not even trying anymore. At least come up with a "name" that could be deemed legit. "She's" not a columnist. If she's a columnist, I'm a political pundit.

  • John harry posted 1179 days ago

    John harry

    Sorry, what? If you referring to my comment on Sharon Glencross, I just wanted to support her as a columnist.

  • slappy johnson posted 1195 days ago

    slappy johnson

    Are you saying she doesn't have it coming? All of her articles are the same…. horrible.

  • Y2 B posted 1197 days ago

    Y2 B

    I am now concerned for my mental health after her latest article haha!

  • Y2 B posted 1199 days ago

    Y2 B

    Come on! Have a heart. She gets too much hate. lol

  • slappy johnson posted 1226 days ago

    slappy johnson

    Of course it was a joke…. I think she still mentions 12 rounds just to screw with people who hate her articles….

  • The Jobber posted 1229 days ago

    The Jobber

    Hogan....Tropic Thunder?? Really? I hope that was a joke