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PERSONAL: Married 35 years (since 1977); Evangelical Christian (since 1973); one son; but no pets.
FAVORITE FOOD(s): Seafood from Maine (esp. steamed clams and lobster, and good chowder); shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico; any cuisine from Japan, China, and SE Asia; Cajun food, Tex-Mex food, bloody rare steaks, Texas Bar-B-Q, and Corned Beef with boiled cabbage & red potatoes.
EDUCATION: BA in Sociology; MPA (Master of Public Administration)
FAVORITE WRITER(s): James Q. Wilson; Charles Murray; Patrick Buchanan; Ann Coulter; Peggy Noonan; Francis A. Schaeffer; A.W. Tozer; Chuck Swindoll, and Paul of Tarsus.
FAVORITE PEOPLE: Pres. Ronald Reagan; PM Margaret Thatcher; Coach Tom Landry; Adm. David Robinson; Gen. Russell Kilpatrick, USAF; US Marshall Raylan Givens, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity.
PUBLIC SERVICE: US Army, Vietnam-Era; service-connected disability. Life-long conservative Republican.
MOTTO(s): "Live free or die!" "I'll have a Pepsi Max, please." "Don't mess with Texas."

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