I'm a lifelong sports fan who has been recording every detail of NHL, NBA, MLB, MLS and College Football games for STATS in Chicago since back in the days of dial-up.

These days, I also write hockey for Bleacher Report and do daily updates on the Vancouver Canucks over at HockeyBuzz.com. I like a good competition no matter what the activity, so from time to time you'll find me covering other sports like golf, tennis and the Olympics.

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  • Peter Hefner posted 91 days ago

    Peter Hefner

    Stephen Robidas broken leg? 37yrs. Old 3yrs.9mill. Leafs love wasted money and let young T.J.Brennan go to N.Y. Good luck with sold man with broken leg!

  • shawn thomas posted 218 days ago

    shawn thomas

    Stop writing on hockey.To call Crosby and taveres disapointments in the Olympics is pretty harsh.the islanders number one center gets hurt and he is playing bad lol.crosby switched his game backhecked hard,picked off passes from sweeden scores a breakaway goal.thats a pretty good Olympics.how about nominating the whole team from the states who choked again.then got blown out vs finland and got a lucky break vs Russia.

  • LAURENCE GREY posted 223 days ago


    get leafs to bring back komarov and trade kuelemin

  • Jasper Derozan posted 259 days ago

    Jasper Derozan

    Finland over Canada. WOOOOOOW! Canada could make a second team that could beat Finland.

  • Tim Beck posted 358 days ago

    Tim Beck

    Carol, enjoyed your President's Cup articles. I work for a company that fosters discounted golf fees and competitive non-varsity golf for college and young persons. I'd like to get you in touch with the NCCGA/CGP's leadership team as I think it would be a great article for you. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Chris Smyth posted 413 days ago

    Chris Smyth

    stop writting about hockey

  • twotimer posted 483 days ago



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