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1999, the year I first started watching wrestling. Ever since then I've been a big wrestling fan. I love posting my own Fantasy WWE articles that are a continuation from a 'Fantasy WWE Draft' that I had months ago. For you guys looking for it, here are the results to our first draft:
SD 1. CM Punk
Raw 1. Mark Henry
SD 2. John Cena
Raw 2. Randy Orton
SD 3. The Miz
Raw 3. Wade Barrett
SD 4. Dolph Ziggler
Raw 4. Sheamus
SD 5. Cody Rhodes
Raw 5. Undertaker
SD 6. Daniel Bryan
Raw 6. R-Truth
SD 7. Christian
Raw 7. Beth Phoenix
SD 8. Kharma
Raw 8. Rey Mysterio
SD 9. Alberto Del Rio
Raw 9. Alex Riley
SD 10. Zack Ryder
Raw 10. Drew McIntyre
SD 11. Kurt Angle
Raw 11. Shelton Benjamin
SD 12. John Morrison
Raw 12. Seth Rollins
SD 13. Richie Steamboat
Raw 13. RVD
SD 14. Jeff Hardy
Raw 14. Kelly Kelly
SD 15. Natalya
Raw 15. Kane
SD 16. Dean Ambrose
Raw 16. Ezekiel Jackson
SD 17. Kofi Kingston
Raw 17. Tyson Kidd
SD 18. Jack Swagger
Raw 18. Goldust
SD 19. Evan Bourne
Raw 19. Mason Ryan
SD 20. Justin Gabriel
Raw 20. DH Smith
SD 21. Big Show
Raw 21. Abraham Washington
SD 22. Ted Dibiase
Raw 22. Layla
SD 23. Maryse
Raw 23. William Regal
SD 24. Sin Cara Black
Raw 24. Skip Sheffield
SD 25. Santino Marella
Raw 25. Vickie Guerrero
SD 26. Gail Kim
Raw 26. Chris Masters
SD 27. Jimmy Uso
Raw 27. Jey Uso
SD 28. Heath Slater
Raw 28. Michael McGillicutty
SD 29. Sin Cara Azul
Raw 29. Teddy Hart
SD 30. Eve
Raw 30. David Otunga
SD 31. Curt Hawkins
Raw 31. WHC Title
SD 32. WWE Title
Raw 32. US Title
SD 33. IC Title
Raw 33. Divas
SD 34. Cruiserweight
Raw 34. JR Announcer 1
SD 35. Cole GM
Raw 35. Lawler Announcer 1
SD 36. Matthews Announcer 1
Raw 36. Anonymous GM
SD 37. Striker Announcer 2
Raw 37. Booker T

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  • Marcel de Lange posted 1931 days ago

    Marcel de Lange

    I try to post the sample match that I've written for Kane & Brock Lesnar, but it won't submit on your bulletin board. Is there any other way I can send it?

  • Jack McKenzie posted 1931 days ago

    Jack McKenzie

    Haven't heard from you in awhile you alright Will?

  • Hero 2.0 posted 1933 days ago

    Hero 2.0

    Where do you get the pictures of the wrestlers from.

  • Marcel de Lange posted 1938 days ago

    Marcel de Lange

    Hey I read on the SmackDown fantasy series that you were looking for a new SD GM? What do I have to do to sign up?

  • Marcel de Lange posted 1951 days ago

    Marcel de Lange

    Where is the fantasy series of Raw and SmackDown?

  • Marcel de Lange posted 1982 days ago

    Marcel de Lange

    thanks for the response. I will be waiting :)

  • Marcel de Lange posted 1982 days ago

    Marcel de Lange

    Are there any spots open for a WWE Fantasy script writer?

  • Charl G posted 2027 days ago

    Charl G

    hey will what time will the draft be in england time

  • Marcel de Lange posted 2027 days ago

    Marcel de Lange

    Any news on the SmackDown GM situation?

  • Marcel de Lange posted 2028 days ago

    Marcel de Lange

    Hi again. I would just like to know, I'm from South Africa. And I think there's a huge time difference between us. I just want to know if that's going to be a problem?