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  • W.R. Ballz posted 2 days ago

    W.R. Ballz

    Why are comments disabled on the Chris Rock article? I would like to read different people's views on this.

  • Debashish Majumder posted 5 days ago

    Debashish Majumder

    Kyle, Romo didn't jab at the Pats - Blake did. Romo tried to come back with a funny response in front of a stadium full of Cowboy fans. Believe me, I would be the first one to take offense if he did something classless like dropping a deflategate "joke" out of nowhere in the middle of a stadium-full of football fans. Deflategate goes directly to the integrity of the game and is not good for football - Romo knows that. Maybe as a media member you should too?
    Yes, I am a die-hard Patriots fan.

  • Hemanth Swarna posted 27 days ago

    Hemanth Swarna

    Love the Nas reference in the Aaron Rodgers article

  • Harrison Hamm posted 65 days ago

    Harrison Hamm

    Check out my sports blog at, where I post once a day on all sports.

  • Legion Of Boom posted 80 days ago

    Legion Of Boom

    Why are comments disabled on Blounts "Bitch Mode" T-shirt article, yet every other article bashing Sherman and the Seahawks is open to the public?

  • Alex Perrault posted 85 days ago

    Alex Perrault


    Saw you posted the great Dude Perfect 'SuperBowl Stereotypes' video. Thought you might also enjoy this crazy superbowl video; an EPIC 49-LAYER DIP for Superbowl 49!

    Let me know if you decide to post it and I can share your page on my two twitter accounts with a combined 80k followers.

    Happy SuperBowl!


  • Jim Small posted 97 days ago

    Jim Small

    I just saw the 10 year Moss Moon video. Is there ANY way there is a clearer video than what's shown on this link or the one on You Tube? Why I ask is that my friend and I are in the crowd in the background. We drove from Fairmont Minnesota to the game and back in the same day. It would be awesome to get the video sent to me!

  • Kirik Jenness posted 125 days ago

    Kirik Jenness

    Thank you for posting the eye video on B/R. Latest one has a backstory. The original Phantom Punch was delivered by The Greatest. That was in May of 1965 in of all places Lewiston, Maine.

  • Anderson Moss posted 129 days ago

    Anderson Moss


    Just a couple days after you posted the video of St. Anne's 6'9" posterizing dunk, their rival in Charlottesville, Blue Ridge School put out a posterizing dunk as well.

  • Craig Kenny posted 131 days ago

    Craig Kenny

    hey Kyle big fan! saw your pice on Steve Smith SR and thought you could do a small follow up with this think the fans would love it as they did with the ''Ice Up Son"

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