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  • Chuck Morgan posted 29 days ago

    Chuck Morgan

    Kyle, Chuck Morgan here from the Texas Rangers...we have been doing anti-wave messages for several years, based on a a majority of our fans asking us to do something about stopping waves in our ballpark.
    They all have been attempt at humor...the latest is based on the fact that we have had about 19 players visit the disable list this season.
    We can't stop the wave, fans are allowed to do whatever they like as long as they don't offend other fans. So, we have some fun with wave messages.
    Again, it was not intended to be serious and again, this has been going on for several years.

  • Illya Harrell posted 31 days ago

    Illya Harrell

    I was going through my old bookmarks and hit "writer stats." Nice to see a Reds fan with so many reads! Congrats Kyle for B/R's top spot!

  • jack hole posted 34 days ago

    jack hole

    Apparently, you didn't take an English class at your Ohio University (no shock btw). Drew Brees "Bears" a resemblance? Really "bears" huh...not perhaps "bares"? Spell-check doesn't fix stupid.

  • Kendall Clements posted 35 days ago

    Kendall Clements

    Kyle not sure if it is you or Bleacher Report specifically, but either you or them has no guts.If you are going to write an article about a public figure such as Jameis Winston, you should allow comments. Again, not sure of the policy on who decides, but one of you is gutless. Either Bleacher Report "management" or you. Nice fluff piece btw..... Why aren't you writing about what he has done since he was charged with theft to make up for it?

  • Dave Burton posted 37 days ago

    Dave Burton

    Last friday, my friend Steve Brown was diagnosed with Leukemia and just started his treatment this week. Steve is a senior at James Caldwell High School and was set to play football for Lehigh University in the fall. Today, cancer survivor and Giants Linebacker, Mark Herzlich called Steve, to give him some words to help him get through this tough time. Being a cancer survivor himself, Herzlich's words impacted Steve in a tremendous way.

    Steve, who has been a longtime Giants fan tweeted this today after his call from Herzlich

    RT @steve_brown31: Sucha sick surprise to get a call from Mark Herzlich on my cell.. Someone who continues to thrive after beating cancer #cancerissoft

    Herzlich's and Steve's story deserves to be shared and it would also benefit my friend, Steve, if people heard about his story. I can be reached at my email if you have any questions regarding this story.

  • Frank Passalacqua posted 42 days ago

    Frank Passalacqua

    Hey Kyle, saw your Stephenson article. You might find this funny and want to write about it, and how flops are so comical now!

  • John Malone Jr posted 52 days ago

    John Malone Jr

    Kyle... I work for MSG Varsity in the New York metro area.. if you want to add to the Trout high schooler thing...

    The kid Tim Moraski won his first round state playoff baseball game today 1-0, he had the game-winning RBI double. Here's the highlights including his hit, plus the post game interview.

  • Daniel Tovar posted 67 days ago

    Daniel Tovar

    I caught the homerun ball from Puig

  • Henry Lam posted 70 days ago

    Henry Lam

    Hey check this dude out free loading at a baseball game aka The Grand Scam
    He is a jerk but funny!

  • Megan B posted 72 days ago

    Megan B

    Hi Kyle, there is an error in your article about the U of H kicker who was awarded a full-scholarship. His name is actually Kyle Bullard, not Matt Bullard. Please check facts prior to posting. Thank you.

    For reference:

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