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Graduate of Ohio University.

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  • Afua Owusu posted 3 days ago

    Afua Owusu

    Hi Kyle,
    My name is Afua (uh-fee-yah) and I am a supervising producer for WGN Morning News. I wanted to know if we could run the instagram video of Shawn Oakman jumping with the dumb bells on our newscast. We will give Bleacher Report on-air credit and like the video back to the BlR webpage. Please let me know. Thanks

  • Jeff Danger Rakeel posted 5 days ago

    Jeff Danger Rakeel

    FYI Kyle Newport----> See my display pic in regards to your articles on Broncos fans and their tattoos. I got in so much ka-ka from my wife for my tat but to give the ultimate Mile High Salute is worth a week of couch sleeping and months of no sex. lol ;)

  • Jonathan DeMuth posted 8 days ago

    Jonathan DeMuth

    Thanks for the fix Kyle!

  • Jonathan DeMuth posted 8 days ago

    Jonathan DeMuth

    Hey Kyle, as someone that personally worked on Bruce Gradkowski's "1-800-BACKUP"... can you please change the credit at the bottom of the article from "Royal Edit Productions" to AOL 2 Point Lead... a lot of people worked their asses off on this video, not the supposed "company" that ripped and stole it.

    Here's the original link:


  • Zach W posted 9 days ago

    Zach W

    how tf have you read so many articles

  • Tayler Beeson posted 17 days ago

    Tayler Beeson

    The alleged AIM chat messages, were taken straight from the Well's Report. I'm surprised your editor didn't catch that.

  • Denis Beganovic posted 18 days ago

    Denis Beganovic also had a LA Raiders website... if you changed LA to RAI in the link it would take you the LA Raiders site...if you put BOS at the end it would take you to the Boston Patriots website and PHO for Phoenix Cardinals.

  • W.R. Ballz posted 30 days ago

    W.R. Ballz

    Why are comments disabled on the Chris Rock article? I would like to read different people's views on this.

  • Debashish Majumder posted 33 days ago

    Debashish Majumder

    Kyle, Romo didn't jab at the Pats - Blake did. Romo tried to come back with a funny response in front of a stadium full of Cowboy fans. Believe me, I would be the first one to take offense if he did something classless like dropping a deflategate "joke" out of nowhere in the middle of a stadium-full of football fans. Deflategate goes directly to the integrity of the game and is not good for football - Romo knows that. Maybe as a media member you should too?
    Yes, I am a die-hard Patriots fan.

  • Hemanth Swarna posted 55 days ago

    Hemanth Swarna

    Love the Nas reference in the Aaron Rodgers article