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Here at B/R, I am a Breaking News Team writer. I am a Featured Columnist for golf and my very favorite professional sports franchise, the Cleveland Browns.

I graduated from Miami University with degrees in journalism and political science in May 2012, so I love me some RedHawks hockey, too!

Twitter: @MattFitz_gerald


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  • Subnood Rattad posted 13 hours ago

    Subnood Rattad

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    Subnood Rattad

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  • Joe Menzer posted 20 days ago

    Joe Menzer

    I can't say Go Browns (because I'm a Bengals' fan) but I will say Go RedHawks (even though I went to Bowling Green, my wife went to Miami).


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  • Tayler Beeson posted 79 days ago

    Tayler Beeson

    It is absolutely pathetic you would use the gender card in this article! Nothing Chris Paul says insinuates he had an issue with her being a female. You are just as bad as Faux (FOX) News. SHAME ON YOU!

  • KTB posted 79 days ago


    Not allowing comment on your Lauren Holtkamp article? Are you afraid to be proven wrong and that Chris was correct in his complaints?

  • Jase Lance posted 91 days ago

    Jase Lance

    “The NFL has no findings against the Patriots of wrong doing because the refs never properly examined the balls correctly in the first place." -- Let's see if that actually gets covered by the moron haters.

  • Jase Lance posted 92 days ago

    Jase Lance

    I used to defend the media against all those who attacked the media. No more. You neutrals have taken innuendo and gossip and trending twitter hoopla to a new level and made asses of yourselves. Pure idiocy. This issue is a national joke -- not the footballs, but the way people who have NO idea what they are talking about, have no access to facts and apparently need to take a remedial course in physics to speak about air pressure have made this into some fake outrage. The media is essentially the same as the commenters that rage on about freaking conspiracies and Kenyan presidents and all kind of nonsense. You people are a freak joke. I have ZERO respect for this bozo writer or any writer that makes claims and plays loose with things they have ZERO understanding or knowledge of. You are a freaking joke.

  • Jarrett Knottnerus posted 95 days ago

    Jarrett Knottnerus

    In your latest article about twitter reacting to deflategate you said "Tom Brady had to throw the same ball Luck did, though, and he was far more effective and accurate in the conference title romp." This is not true. The Colts have their own 12 balls that they bring and the Patriots had their own balls as well that were deflated. Andrew Luck did not throw any of those deflated footballs

  • shawn hunter posted 99 days ago

    shawn hunter

    what's with this P##sy site, you can't comment on stories? afraid someone's" gonna have an opinion?

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