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  • Will Tidey posted 2080 days ago

    Will Tidey

    You need to get writing Ricky. So many opinions, but no stories as yet! I'm serious, you have potential as a columnist!

  • abc 16 posted 2085 days ago

    abc 16

    So how did you hear of Giroud last year with his 12 goals in 37 games, or did you know him when he was in ligue 2 ? :) you didn't reply on the article but your football knowledge seems great so im here to ask.

  • Pradeep Kumar posted 2088 days ago

    Pradeep Kumar


    99.94 ---> Unbeatable.. Noone can come close.. To think the Don did it at a time when there was not much protective gear to face the pacers.. just great!

    And i agree with you.. Kohli is one of the brightest talents to have come through the international scene.. He's already racked up nearly a dozen ODI Centuries in a short span.. Good ODI player.. Will definitely mature enough to be a big player in Tests as well.. But, right now, all he gotta work on is his temparament... otherwise for the talent that he's got.. he will definitely reach for the STARS!

  • Pradeep Kumar posted 2089 days ago

    Pradeep Kumar

    Hi Ricky,

    yeah I meant to change it a while back... not ODI centuries but the century of centuries! that's unbreakable.. not many can even visualise about lasting that long to score that many.. that said Bradman's record is equally unbreakable.. it's just Sachin's is a personal choice.. :)