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    rjggbssr nktrrtzw

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  • Daryl T posted 3150 days ago

    Daryl T

    You're a TOOL!!!

  • Scott Rieger posted 3151 days ago

    Scott Rieger


    Check out my latest Lions article when you have a chance. I'd love to hear your take.

  • Michael Schottey posted 3158 days ago

    Michael Schottey

    A look at the Detroit Lions' defensive backfield:

  • David McClure posted 3179 days ago

    David McClure

    Hey Ron,

    I am putting together a round table of sorts, regarding local media personalities in Detroit. Who you like or don't and why mainly. I am looking for input from some locals so I can complete this assignment. I only have through the weekend, if your interested you can go to my website
    and click on the Sports Page at the top. Here you can reply and comment freely. Thanks Ron

  • David McClure posted 3184 days ago

    David McClure

    If you go to my profile I have a website now as well. You can click thru to it there.

  • Dan Smith posted 3186 days ago

    Dan Smith

    The Lions were competitive in soe of their games last year. I hope Culpepper is their starter and Stafford can work his way in. They are a franchise that has not developed QB's well but they have a good bridge in Culpepper right now so I hope they take advantage of that.

    My wife is a Lions fan so I root for them as well.

  • Rudy Dominick posted 3190 days ago

    Rudy Dominick

    Congrats Ron!

    Stafford is a Lion, I know your extremely happy about it. I am too, it looks like it's going to be an interesting day for Lions fans.


  • David McClure posted 3191 days ago

    David McClure

    Hey Ron,

    I was reading an artilce that had some of your comments on it about Curry. Figured I'd give you my take on it. The transition for Curry will be from SLB to MLB, not necessarily OLB. He projects as an OLB because of his size/speed combination. He was quite successful as a MLB when he played in that position, his coach did not want him to play there, but he wanted that spot. I know, for me, I would have no problem switching between safety and corner. I had the tools to play either position growing up. Curry has the tools to play MLB and the Lions may be thinking about switching to a 3-4, a personal opinion of mine. Using this draft they could grab Laurinaitis with a trade down at 20 and then trade down again at 33 and grab Ron Brace. Use a Second round pick on a guy like Jarron Gilbert or Lawrence Sidbury and you have a DL and LB core that is ready to play the 3-4. Just a thought. My point is that you shouldn't get too down on Curry, he will work well here. I think Jason Smith is a better prospect than some would say these days, I have heard concerns about his footwork in the passing game but that's what I noticed the first time I saw him play. He had great footwork. I don't see as much raw power with him but it's there and developing. I wouldn't worry about the No. 1 pick this year. It's what they do after that will make the most difference. Recently a local radio personality did some research and supposedly there are 4 drafts since 2000 that not a single player remains from. This team needs to pick up guys with potential, as many as possible, and groom them. That's the only way we will become a successful franchise.

  • Scott Rieger posted 3193 days ago

    Scott Rieger

    2009 NFL Mock Draft...3 Days Out