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  • Cain Butler posted 1564 days ago

    Cain Butler

    You are a great guy. but i feel like that i violated you and my limits and standards. But back to the positives what kind of movies and music do you like?

  • Cain Butler posted 1565 days ago

    Cain Butler

    wow fine awesome speech. im going to tell you right now I'm very sorry and I admire you're personality and class man! Damn i actually do feel like a cruel mean person. You sound like a person with a lot of composure and class! Maybe i was just a grumpy dick that day. I'm very sorry bro. You literally taught me a lesson about integrity. you have a blessed day too man.

  • Cain Butler posted 1566 days ago

    Cain Butler

    Real smooth Minaj better than Jericho???! GIve me a break and dont crack me up! Two different types of music and second of all at least Jericho isnt fake with the retarded voice or the outrageous humor. I knew someone like you would stick up for her. You dont know anything about "REAL" music. Music that knows how to express itself with class dignity and good expression. Like take a look at some of Drake's and Eminem's songs. Like Lose Yourself, When Im gone Not Afraid Love the Way you Lie Then there is FInd our love etc anything that has a meaning behind it. Minaj has NONE of that. She just rambles anything random to get people stirring the pot or because she wants a huge amount of money in her damn skanky pocket!!! Not to mention Rihanna has good meaning behind her songs too. Thats my point