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Born in Montreal in 1984, I grew up with hockey like any other kids in the province of Quebec. But the particularity is that my roots have nothing to do with hockey and even less with winter. Both of my parents are from Morocco. If there is one sport who's attracting more passion than any other one in north Africa is soccer.

Surprisingly for many, I never had for the most popular sport in planet the passion I have for hockey.

The culture of hockey, it is indeed more than a sport in Quebec, is so strong that it's hard not beeing part of it by cheering for the team who is known as "Les Glorieux".

I have a bachelor degree in economics at the University of Montreal in Quebec, however I always wanted to become a sports writer.

Thus, I decided to realize my dream and started a bachelor degree in journalism, in Montreal.

Nolages of hockey is more than just knowing the player's name and their positions. You have to be aware of what's going on and off the ice. CBA, salary cap, financial issues, strategies, daily living of a hockey player and much more...

At a young age I understood something. Sports industry, the NHL indusrty in this case, is a big puzzle where all the pieces must be assembled to understand the decisions made by the owners, managers and coaches.

For the writers, it's our job to simplify the understanding of the game. It is also our task to bring our point of views of the game with relevant analyses.

Integrity and objectivity are two things I consider fundamental for a writer.

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