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Mitch Charette is currently the featured columnist for Duke Blue Devils basketball on Bleacher Report. You will often also find him writing predictions and analysis within the world of the NFL, NBA, MLB, college football and fantasy sports. He has also written for the fantasy sports website

As a life-long Boston sports fan, Mitch knows the glory and pain sports can bring us all, and he tries to incorporate that emotion and his love for sports into his writing. Whether it be fantasy advice, post-game analysis or the fun-witted article, you can be sure that he stands behind every word he writes. If one of Mitch's articles leads to a debate, he considers his job done—as debating is his strength.

Outside of writing, Mitch enjoys photography, beer league softball and cooking. If there is food, beer and sports—he will likely be there.

Twitter: @mitchcharette

Feel free to contact Mitch for debate, advice and/or if you would like him to join a podcast or writing collaboration.

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  • Mr Avon posted 1175 days ago

    Mr Avon

    ur teams r garbage

  • Mark Vlahos posted 1685 days ago

    Mark Vlahos

    Hope all is well Mitch, might need some FFB assistance...

  • Mark Vlahos posted 1685 days ago

    Mark Vlahos

    Fantasy Football and a stronger Celtic team approaching, Sport life is good!

  • Rollin Yeatts posted 1704 days ago

    Rollin Yeatts

    Good! I don't want you to go in hiding again when the season rolls around.

  • Rollin Yeatts posted 1712 days ago

    Rollin Yeatts

    Will Mitch ever write again?

  • J Zub posted 1799 days ago

    J Zub

    Thanks for looking me up Mitch... Where did you go to school? Just don't mention it in your well qualified Profile...

    P.S. Did Gunner looked ready to lead in that spring game..?

  • Rollin Yeatts posted 1819 days ago

    Rollin Yeatts

    LOL! Sorry, Mitch... jealousy set in.

  • Rollin Yeatts posted 1819 days ago

    Rollin Yeatts

    Does your wife know about your profile picture? :)

  • Mark Vlahos posted 1831 days ago

    Mark Vlahos

    What's up Mitch? Thanks for the FBB draft advise. My team is stacked thanks to your guidance. I am also a Bruins/Celtics fan from the days of McNab/Park and Maxwell/Cowens. Relatives in Worcester Mass attributed to that. Your writting is impeccable, keep the pen blazin' and good luck tonight bud.

    -Mark Vlahos (NY)

  • Shane Remer posted 1848 days ago

    Shane Remer

    Hey Mitch,

    I just edited your article ( and noticed that the formatting afterwards looked messed up. It looked set and ready in the editor, but when I loaded the page there were paragraphs without spaces between them. I tried to get back in and fix it, but the system denied me. I contacted someone to see about getting it fixed, but I wanted to alert you and offer an apology. If you want to contact someone, too, by all means, go right ahead.

    (I emailed this to you, too.)

    - Shane