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  • Conner Boyd posted 2014 days ago

    Conner Boyd

    I dunno about all-star, but definitely a good player. I dunno if you got a chance to watch their summer league game tonight against the Kings, but he looked pretty decent tonight. Made some really good moves under the basket, defended and rebounded well, and had a couple of good put-backs. Pretty fun to watch. The game was fun to watch altogether, MKG, Jeff Taylor, Biz, Kemba, and Byron Mullens all had great games. I'm going to write an article about it tonight.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for reading my articles! I'm glad you like them. I write about the Bobcats pretty frequently now, and I'd love to hear your feedback on them.

  • Conner Boyd posted 2014 days ago

    Conner Boyd

    yep, he brought his best against Dwight. The unfortunate thing with Biz last season is that he was really, really inconsistent from night to night. It was almost assuredly because of his age and lack of experience/preparation in the offseason, but one night he would be unstoppable in the paint, and the next he'd be at the end of the bench with Gana Diop on the floor because he just let whoever wanted in to shove it in his face. I think he's going to be a dominant defender in the game, especially with more maturity. He's only 6'9", which is short for a center, but his 7'6" wingspan allows him to play bigger than his height.

    It's just a matter of getting some consistency out of him, especially offensively. I see him being an Emeka Okafor/Serge Ibaka type of player once he fully develops. Not much upside offensively, but irreplaceable in the paint.

  • Conner Boyd posted 2015 days ago

    Conner Boyd

    Bismack is going to be good... he really has a lot of work to do offensively, but he should be an above average rebounder and an elite shot blocker. He should be locked in for PF/C for years to come, especially if he gets his offensive game under his legs.

  • Ciaran Gowan posted 2020 days ago

    Ciaran Gowan

    Thanks, Hardeep. I have done a couple of Mets articles before, but I know much more about basketball than baseball. There should be some more from me in the future.