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I am a very passionate sports fan and enjoy college basketball (especially Syracuse), college football, NFL, NBA, MLB, and fantasy football.

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  • Old Dirty Badger posted 2063 days ago

    Old Dirty Badger

    Nah, I understand. Lions forums tend to treat anyone who isn't a complete homer that worships Mayhew as a "hater". You made some very observant, reasonable points and it was obvious you did your research. I thought it was a well thought out article and you deserved props for it... though I'm also not at all surprised it wasn't well received, lol.

  • Kenneth Hicks posted 2103 days ago

    Kenneth Hicks

    Thanks for the comment Dan. EJ Manuel is no Matt Barkley or Denard Robinson. I also believe EJ Manuel did play a majority of the games FSU lost last season. In the Oklahoma game EJ was injured late in the 3rd quarter and before the injury he had 85 yards passing and 0 touchdowns compared to two interceptions. The next game against top 25 team at Clemson that EJ missed, the quarterback play was not a reason they lost as Trickett put up 336 yards and 3 touchdowns with one interception. The next loss against Wake Forrest, Trickett was pulled in the first half and EJ played late in the first half and all of the second half. The rest of the games were all cupcake teams like Duke (3-9), Maryland (2-10), Boston College (4-8), Miami (6-6), then lost to Virginia with EJ in the lineup, and beat a Florida team that was terrible last year. As far as me being a Syracuse guy that is correct. I have lived here 22 years of my life so I would have to cheer for my team. I never mentioned Syracuse football is the best or even good for that matter. But if you want to know how many titles Syracuse has won in football the answer is one. Yeah that National Championship was 1959 if you happened to catch The Express. If we are comparing national titles for football I believe Florida State has only one more than Syracuse and I can only hope so as the state of Florida is a hot bed for talent as far as football goes and Florida State consistently will get talented 5-star recruits. In Syracuse, NY I could not tell you the last 5-star recruit to join the Syracuse football team. Maybe the 1990's was the last time Syracuse nabbed a 5-star.

  • daniel lowe posted 2103 days ago

    daniel  lowe

    Yo Kenneth, So what is the criteria for ranking a team? Is it the number of returning starters?, or is it the new recruits? Or is it some formula that includes both and also coaching? I see you dogged FSU pretty hard, and yes, FSU did dissapoint last year, however, two games without your statrting QB and freshman all across your O line, is a problem, just like if USC lost Matt Barkley, or if Denard Robinson goes down because of injury. I see your a syrycuse orange guy, how many nat. champs have they won in football? So honestly Ken, List me your top-ten teams that are not over-rated and how you think they will end up. thanks' danlowe