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I live for sports. I play many sports, and the ones I don't, I would love to learn. I could not imagine a life where sports, most specifically hockey did not exist. It pains me to think that hockey is not more popular in the United States than it is, but I have made it one of my goals to help spread my love of the game. For those of you who haven't noticed, Go Rangers!

I have taken on the rigors of a Sport Management and Journalism degree from Rutgers, and won.

Having attended RU, I have strong ties to the Tri-State area and love the "remnants" of the Big East. Although I love the Giants, I am also proudly a fan of the Oakland Raiders, which I often catch some criticism for. Always have to give a shout-out to #27 Ray Rice, Gary Brackett, Mohamed Sanu and always, #52 BELIEVE Eric LeGrand.

I thoroughly hope you enjoy my writing and opinions, and for any additional questions or for more information, feel free to follow me on my Twitter, @JoeMaloneyNYR and remember to comment the posts!

"Great moments are born from great opportunity. And that's what you have here tonight, boys. That's what you've earned here, tonight. One game. If we play'em 10 times, they might win 9. But not this game. Not tonight. Tonight we skate with them. Tonight we STAY with them... , and we SHUT THEM DOWN because we can!" - Herb Brooks

"Remember kid, heroes get remembered, but legends never die." - The Babe, The Sandlot

Oh yeah, and I love movie quotes.

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  • Amber Lee posted 2005 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Hey it worked! Now I'm your newest Twitter follower. Boom :)

  • Amber Lee posted 2008 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Hey there Joe! Thanks so much for fanning me on here—I really appreciate the support. I noticed you listed your twitter ID above, but it doesn't really stand out. You might get a few more followers if you add a Twitter button to your profile. If you're interested the instructions are here: https://support.twitter.com/groups/31-twitter-basics/topics/112-linking-to-your-blog-or-website/articles/20164833-how-to-add-the-follow-button-to-your-website

    Anyway, hope you don't mind the unsolicited advice! I only thought about it because someone just asked me how I did it on my profile the other day...Soooo yeah—thanks again!! <3