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Who cares! I probably will get banned again!

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  • Bryce Prescott posted 1348 days ago

    Bryce Prescott

    What up Tony? Pumped that we're almost in Big Ten play?? Michigan better step up their game, man! Denard can't do ALL the work!

  • David Koss posted 1356 days ago

    David Koss

    It is pretty awesome just a little more expensive than living in CA was for us. Weather here is perfect all year round as it is pretty much 85 everyday. Ocean is beautiful and so are the beaches. Gas around $4.20 a gallon and rent here is about as much as the large cities on the mainland, anywhere from $500 to $2000 depending on what you are looking for and how close you are to the water. I can't see myself living anywhere else. Almost moved to Denver about 25 years ago but ended up outside Seattle instead. I do love college ball and I love MI just wish they had a better team.

  • Bryce Prescott posted 1496 days ago

    Bryce Prescott

    Its the off-season so that's prolly why the articles are sub-par. There just isn't anything to write about that's interesting. "Why Urban Meyer Will Dominate" and "Michigan All Set to Win Big Ten" are all the articles. That makes is so hard to actually make a good comment, unfortunately. The people who actually have something to say about these articles are normally the I actually have one in mind that's a UM fan (sorry haha). Anyway yeah I still do my daily check or three, but there's just not that much out there =(

  • Bryce Prescott posted 1500 days ago

    Bryce Prescott

    Things are well! I got banned AGAIN and I emailed them about it. Apparently me saying "WOOOOO PIG BITCHY" was offensive to an Arkansas fan. So then I emailed back super pissed that that got me banned and got my profile back =). I'm doing well in school this quarter and its suuuppperr nice out down here in CBus. Breaking out the ol' baseball mitt almost every day. How are you?

  • Marvin G posted 1523 days ago

    Marvin  G

    Did you understand my comment, I meant that the video placed Pacquiao Mayweather Above Ali Frazier which is ludicrous. Get your facts straight.

  • Chris Lane posted 1523 days ago

    Chris Lane

    I just noticed that you clicked on me as a "fan". I really appreciate it. I often write comments here that are too long. Sometimes they are even longer than the article itself. I know that is bad, but as I said before, I like to write, and I can't shut up sometimes.

    Many of the people here "think" that I write here or ask me to write here. The truth is that I have applied to write here on 4 separate occasions and I have been denied every time. On my last application, I decided to take a few writers' advice here and I wrote my article on "Four reasons why Greg Biffle will win this year's Sprint Cup Championship". I had no grammatical errors that I noticed or anything like that. I wrote my article in Bleacher Report's ever famous "10 reasons why someone will do something" way that you often see articles written here. I thought my writing was at least "good enough", especially after reading some of the articles that get published here. As I said before, my application was rejected. I wrote the article after the first NASCAR race of the year at Daytona where Biffle finished third. Here we are after 5 races and Greg Biffle is 1st in the points standings. Who knows... that article may have really intrigued the 500 or so rednecks that read about NASCAR here (I live outside of Daytona Beach and I have always followed NASCAR).

    I apologize for writing so much, but if they would accept my application, I would be writing articles instead of comments that are so long that they rival novels. I really do appreciate your support and I hope to see you around the comment boards. Without Michigan and their fans, being a Buckeye wouldn't be so much fun. It's good to have you guys back, ya know? Last but not least (and off-topic as usual), you are the 11th person that has clicked on "become a fan" for me. I have 11 "fans" but I can't write here.... Do you have any ideas that I might be able to do that will change their minds about me? Oh well... if ya ever think of anything to help a brother out, I'd appreciate it. Take care, and as always, good luck.............. Wolverines.

    Thanks for the support!

  • Chris Lane posted 1524 days ago

    Chris Lane

    Thanks for noticing the attitude issue that I have with other people's attitude issues. Haha... really though... I'm a Buckeye fan that isn't your typical Buckeye fan. I'm smart enough to realize that Ohio State is hated for 3 reasons. One... They have the biggest fanbase in all of college football (just ahead of Michigan and Penn State), having that distinction makes the "others" hate you a bit. Two... The Buckeyes are actually good at football and basketball which makes "others" hate you a bit. Three... Half (at least half) of Buckeye Nation talks about Ohio State as if they are on the team, that also makes FANS hate Buckeye fans as well as the school itself. That's a lot of hate when it is added up, ya know?

    I come to B/R to have fun and because I like to write. I like the debates but hate the silly arguments here. I've been commenting here for about 2 years and for some reason, I get along great with Michigan and Wisconsin fans. I think that they enjoy the fact that I do tell it like it is. Of course I'm a Buckeye through and through and I go overboard a bit but we all do especially when it comes to college football. Isn't it strange how guys will fight very quickly over their college football team but will just flat out admit that their basketball team sucks?

    Anyway... thanks for the compliment, if that is what it was. It's cool to me to hear stuff like that from a Michigan fan. What is funny is... my 2 best friends here at B/R are a Michigan fan and a Michigan State fan. Pretty cool stuff, brother. If you get a chance, write me back and tell me what you did to get banned from here. I know that I wrote a lot, I never shut up (typical Buckeye fan, right?), but write me on my bulletin board anytime you wish. Some people here actually have gotten pissy with me for writing on their bulletin board. I'll shut up now. Take care, brother. As always, good luck to you and your Wolverines.

  • Bryce Prescott posted 1546 days ago

    Bryce Prescott

    If you want your old account back its super easy email this guy about not being able to comment

  • Bryce Prescott posted 1546 days ago

    Bryce Prescott did YOU get banned??

  • Dean Hurd posted 1549 days ago

    Dean Hurd

    Why cant more michigan fans be as level headed as you are?