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Randy Bush


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  • Princess Cooper posted 3064 days ago

    Princess Cooper

    Hey Randy, checking to see how you were?

  • Princess Cooper posted 3093 days ago

    Princess Cooper

    Wow! Randy you are right in the midst of Cowboy country. I would love to be you. I am a avid Cowboy and I am so disappointed in our team.

    Now, I am glad you recognized my tie in to the team and the times we live in. It's about that more than it is about the wins and losses of a team. And, we Ameicans, no matter what culture love a good story where hard works trnasfers to success.

    This Super Bowl was so hard to get up for. But, more than anything I love the NFL and it turned out to be a great game. Keep posting comments. I learn so much when you do.

  • Princess Cooper posted 3094 days ago

    Princess Cooper

    Thanks so much Randy for taking the time to comment. I think you just really nailed it. You may have an article of your own in the making.

    And, you are so right about the marketing of the team. I could see the development and was sincerely impressed with it.

    I grew up with the Cowboys and have always been a fan. But, now I know that my favorite Owner of all time was a marketing guru. That his roots were in marketing and communications. I really can appreciate him.

    And, I love the whole mystique and aura of the Cowboy Cheerleaders. They will never be duplicated.

    Pleas stop by anytime and I will drop in on you periodically. I love your style of writing...so I will be looking for something from you.