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  • chuck norris is watching you posted 2099 days ago

    chuck norris is watching you

    never said that he's bad, he has great ability. it's just that he bores me because of his skills on the mic(or lack thereof) and his vegan angle. it takes away from his wrestling ability because of all that. I've never disrespected daniel bryan the wrestler, just daniel bryan the character. that's why I watch, for the onscreen characters, not pure wrestling ability. that's not what the wwf(refuse to call it the wwe) is about. wrestling ability comes second to the entertainment value(hogan is the best example). the other guy with the screen name daniel bryan wanted to engage me in a feud between characters, so all my responses were to the character to keep the feud going and somewhere it got personal, though that was not the intent of either of us. could daniel bryan be better? yeah definitelty. could I even start to like daniel bryan? maybe, if he can hold my attention during a promo.