Svyato Rovenchuk

Svyato Rovenchuk


Name: Svyato Rovenchuk (Male)
Email: or
Favourite Sports to watch: Almost anything.
Favourite Sports to play: Basketball, Football, Hockey.

Retired, I don't write anymore, but don't be surprised if I pull a Brett Favre and drop an article one day.

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  • Erica Tiffany-Brown posted 1310 days ago

    Erica Tiffany-Brown

    No problem! I hope so too!

  • Erica Tiffany-Brown posted 1335 days ago

    Erica Tiffany-Brown

    you're welcome Svyato! I definitely did enjoy reading it!

  • Steve Wolosewich posted 1349 days ago

    Steve Wolosewich

    You liked my Leafs Trade Deadline article on Jan. 15 and I just wanted to thank you for that. Most appreciated, Svyato!

  • Bradlee Ross posted 1355 days ago

    Bradlee Ross

    Thanks for liking my article about why Tom Brady is still the greatest. I appreciate it.

  • Max von Kleist posted 1358 days ago

    Max von Kleist

    Thank you for the favorite!

  • D.J. Rallo posted 1358 days ago

    D.J.  Rallo

    my latest work 450+ reads and growing, yours 100 ;) #Domination

  • Erica Tiffany-Brown posted 1360 days ago

    Erica Tiffany-Brown

    no problem! Hope I see more of your work soon!

  • D.J. Rallo posted 1364 days ago

    D.J.  Rallo

    Who has more reads? This guy :P

  • D.J. Rallo posted 1364 days ago

    D.J.  Rallo

    Lmao chill bro :P

  • D.J. Rallo posted 1365 days ago

    D.J.  Rallo

    My article on a Cubs prospect surpassed your piece on LeBum #BeJealous :P