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  • I am Just that Damn Good posted 1942 days ago

    I am Just that Damn Good

    Wow, you are the smartest wrestling fan I had no idea about the first part you said about wrestling fans comparing them to sport fans. I have to disagree with what you said about Kurt angle and trying to justify making threats online. That is just low class and having the fame he has which is not near the level of cm punk you have to assume responsibility. Do you understand making threats is a crime all Cm punk said was TNA is an indy league and as a WWE fan that seems to be true. Being the best wrestler which is always arguable means little to nothing in this business. I will use a current example Daniel Bryan has been proclaimed the best wrestler in the world for the past six years and just right now he is the hottest he has ever been and why is that because of his character and entertainment value. The GOAT wrestlers Stone cold, The Rock, Hogan, Cena, Triple H, ect. Where never considered the best wrestlers in their generation yet the where considered the best in their generation. I will use my last example to prove my point, an example that is still going on today. Kurt angle may be the best wrestler on Tna yet he is not the hottest commodity, or he does not sell the most merchandise which is more important then being proclaimed the best. The fans love and respect Jeff Hardy more because he is more entertaining and in this business it is not about who it the best wrestler it is about who is the most entertaining .