Michael Felder is one of the world's few 29 year old curmudgeons. He subscribes to the pro style offense, believes wholeheartedly that defense wins championships and was raised on the mantra "film don't lie." The former defensive back truly enjoys the minutiae of film, doesn't share everyone else's zeal for stats and doesn't live on the pro-playoff side of the college football world. Michael has had work appear on Scout.com and contributed as a CFB analyst to radio shows from NYC to LA.

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  • J D posted 208 days ago

    J D

    Stop kicking off: A smart reasonable safety rule. Also Seven point touchdowns without extra point tries. And a new idea: for passing statistics: QB John Doe completes 30 of 40 passes for 75 percent and has 1 interception and 1 TPI. That stands for Tipped Pass Interception. This would present a truer pictures of a QB's passing production.
    Either way I like your idea on eliminating the kickoff to reduce injuries. You are and excellent journalist. Please keep up the good work.

  • Lee Bonner posted 209 days ago

    Lee Bonner

    Michael, After reading, "Why College Football Should Get Rid of the Kickoff", it would be good to know how many concussions and penalties happen on both the punts and kickoffs. This would allow a better picture of safety.

  • daniel magnuson posted 246 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    just another biased troll in michael felder

  • daniel magnuson posted 259 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    dumbazz write here biased loser

  • Joey Miller posted 259 days ago

    Joey Miller

    That list made me check the calendar to make sure it wasn't April Fool's day. My dog knows more about CFB than you do. How much money did you pay the BR to let you be a featured columnist?

  • nick kerr posted 262 days ago

    nick  kerr

    aaron donald is not the best player in the country how about the heisman winner or any of the heisman finalists for fuck sake he's probably not even the best player on defense in fact he's probably not even the best d lineman in the country behind jadeveon clowned and michael sam the only reason he even won the d line award is because he plays in a shit conference jadeveon clowned and michael sam are playing against the best every week and still dominate they practically play in the nil while aaron donald plays with women so go fuck yourself

  • S harvey posted 262 days ago

    S harvey

    Top 10 quarterbacks you've rated?

  • NWNative 777 posted 263 days ago

    NWNative 777

    DUDE! "Film don't lie". Well then, how many full games did you actually watch and of which teams? There is no way you can view all the players in all the games this soon after the season. NO way. I'm convinced Bleacher Report just wants reads, that's it. I liked the mix of positions for the most part, but the one thing that stood out to me were the number of Stanford players on the list AND how many of them were ahead of other "franchise" players of top 25 teams? You didn't really do your homework. You didn't watch "film".

  • BYUandDUCKS posted 263 days ago


    You suck at writing articles. You must be a very big Michigan fan you idiot. All of the Michigan players ranked so good. Well Michigan sucks and so do you. Doesn't like Oregon and doesn't put Josh Huff or Deanthony Thomas in. OR BRALON ADDISON> DO NOT write any more articles it's pathetic.

  • Matt Gorski posted 263 days ago

    Matt Gorski

    That list of the top 250 players in the country was fucking pathetic. My little sister who's 12 would be more accurate than u. Mariota (61), Manziel (60), Andre Williams (211), Shane Skov (146), Max Bullough (93), Sammy Watkins (92), Khalil Mack (88), AJ McCarron (87), Tajh Boyd (86), Jordan Lynch (84), Trent Murphy (67), Ka'Deen Carey (51), CJ Mosely (49), J Clowney (48). R u serious!?!?!? All those players have first round potential (and most will go first round) and none of these guys even crack the top 45??? Just dont even bother writing