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Blue Chip


Wrestling fan since 5, I watch for the pure love of the "rope opera." and wrestling. I read these articles and I see much appreciation in most writer's as it relates to the wrestling world. I also see what perhaps is a loss in reason for starting these articles to begin with. I would simply like to say, I read and have read the articles in this site for about a year now. I will start by saying, three things.

The first of which is I do not know any wrestlers on the pro. circuit. My past simply consists of years of back yard wrestling,which spawned "Front yard wrestling" (this was more UFC w/ wrestling.) I have experience as a script writer in a few local circuit promotions as well as editing promos and filming. I have wrestled in these small arenas and I don't know the name for it, but i would invent holds, finishingU maneuvers and general ones as well.

The second thing I would like to say is that, I cannot speak from anything except experience. It is not my intent to seek information. My intent is to simply offer an opinion.

Finally I would like to say, that one cannot help but say negative things as well as positive will emerge in conversation. I cannot say I am above criticism, I simply would like to veer my articles in a more positive direction.

p.s. if anyone agrees or disagrees with me or a co-writer, the answer is to understand, it is not the person you don't like, it is the opinion

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    mark james

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  • Maria Cane posted 2626 days ago

    Maria Cane

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  • Undead Warrior posted 2836 days ago

    Undead Warrior
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  • Patrick Green posted 3003 days ago

    Patrick  Green
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  • Patrick Green posted 3008 days ago

    Patrick  Green

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  • Callum Graham posted 3018 days ago

    Callum Graham



  • Patrick Green posted 3022 days ago

    Patrick  Green

    It is Drew McIntyre time to shine?

  • Patrick Green posted 3023 days ago

    Patrick  Green Check It out

  • Blue Chip posted 3046 days ago

    Blue  Chip

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    See how my peers also have the courtesy to simply write without using the board as an advertising post?

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  • Mr. Taylor posted 3051 days ago

    Mr. Taylor

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