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Barrett Sallee has worked as a member of the sports media in various aspects since 2001. His work has appeared on B/R, CNN,,, and in various print publications throughout the southeast. He is a regular on local, regional and national radio programs around the country, and has appeared on CNN, HLN, CSS and Al Jazeera America. Barrett is a native of the Atlanta area, where he currently resides with his wife and son.

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  • Kendall Clements posted 37 days ago

    Kendall Clements

    Incredibly misguided opinion on Nick Marshall at Auburn. Not that it would happen, but he needs to be suspended for a meaningful game. The same thing for any college player....

  • Dr. Steven Brule posted 37 days ago

    Dr. Steven  Brule


  • Justin George posted 79 days ago

    Justin George

    Kliff Kinsbury coaches at Texas Tech not A&M

  • Jayson Caldwell posted 100 days ago

    Jayson Caldwell

    SEC sucks

  • D Pennington posted 116 days ago

    D Pennington that out.

  • Jamie Johnson posted 124 days ago

    Jamie Johnson


    I usually enjoy your articles but the one on Landon Collins was not up to your standards. Landon Collins did what he was supposed to do the fact is OU beat Bama. But everyone knows that Bama had bigger dreams last year and it didn't include playing in the Sugar Bowl. I've heard Die Hard OU fans say that the Alabama team that was in New Orleans was not into that game and caution the OU team and Coaches not to think otherwise. As you can tell there isn't a lot of talking coming out of the OU locker room and the only conversation you hear is that they are trying to build on the last few wins of the 2013. Yes the SEC cannibalized themselves last year but this year is not going to be the same deal this year you will see 4 SEC teams finish in the top 7 and believe me if OU does what they are supposed to they will meet Bama in the NC and this time it will be a different story. So the real question is if you poke a landmine once and it doesn't blow up do you poke it again? The answer is no! So those who want to continue to poke the Landmine please remember Nick Saban is merciless when he meets an opponent who beat him in a game that he knows he should have won. So should OU fans take a good win and go beat up the rest of the Big 12? my answer to you is yes they should.

  • bob tarmack posted 139 days ago

    bob tarmack

    What a dumb article. Stop writing about A 9-4 TEAM THAT HASNT WON SINCE BEFORE WW2. Texas had some down years compared to a&Ms down decades. were where you guys when A&M was getting demolished? i never saw any articles talking about A&M needing Texas...A&M will be a dumpster fire without JFB. shut up and write somthing that actually makes sense.

  • Southern Patriot posted 140 days ago

    Southern Patriot

    I see you are in the Atlanta area. Do you know Murf, previously writing for the Saints and now writing for the Dirty Birds.

  • john cory posted 140 days ago

    john cory

    Do yourself a favor and visit both UT in Austin and A&M in College Station. It should not take you long to figure out that UT has a lot to offer, College Station is a pit and just right for the cult at A&M. Let me know what you think. Where would you rather spend your time.

  • Mr Avon posted 219 days ago

    Mr Avon

    i like how you put georgia in the playoffs. were serverly underrated this year.