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Choosing to be a Cardinal fan in St. Louis is like ordering roast beef at Arby's. Yes, there are other options, but they are all vastly inferior.

And speaking of food, being a member of Redbird nation can be quite consuming. The passion hit me so hard that I attended Miami University knowing only one thing about my future career: it had to be in sports. Doing what? How? These were all just minor details to be determined at a later time. That time happened to be sophomore year when a friend suggested I try writing for the Miami Student. One trip to media day at the new Goggin Ice Arena later and I was hooked.

Looking back, this path seems rather ironic to me considering I attended Kirkwood High School with Eagles' WR Jeremy Maclin and Rams TE Mike McNeill, yet did not write a single word covering them and the Pioneers. My interest in sports journalism back then took me only as far as to pick up an application to "The Call" that I never even began filling out.

After graduation at Miami, sports writing took me to the middle of nowhere—also known as Carlsbad, New Mexico, home of World Series MVP Cody Ross. NCAA women's basketball fans should also look out for future Washington State guard Taylor Edmondson.

In perhaps the most improbable victory of my life, I met my wife while covering the Cavemen. Had I been told while growing up in the St. Louis suburbs or attending college in the Ohio corn fields that my future wife lived in the southeast New Mexico desert, I probably would have committed to a life of singleness right then and there.

Due to some of her health complications aggravated by the area, I had until May to find a new job located in a less toxic area of the country. Since the start of May has come and gone with no new full-time job landed, we moved back to St. Louis to continue the search while freelancing. I joined the Bleacher Report intern program to continue writing about sports regardless of what may happen to me next.

My love for Meghan is the only passion on earth I have found to trump my passion for sports. This is why I will risk my career for my wife. My love for Jesus is the only passion in life I have found to trump even that. This is why I don't see quitting a perfectly good job as risky at all.

UPDATE: I was hired as Sports Lead for the Visalia Times-Delta and Tulare Advance-Register (both owned by Gannett) in central California, but plan to continue writing for B/R as well.

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  • Chad R. MacDonald posted 1919 days ago

    Chad R. MacDonald

    As an avid fantasy baseball manager, just want to give you props on your article about what to do for 2013. Thorough and logical. Nice job!

  • Corey Noles posted 1991 days ago

    Corey Noles

    Hey Dan, reading your intro above I really enjoyed your story. I admire you being outspoken about your faith. You seem like a young man with a lot of promise. Keep after it and best of luck!

  • John Biegel posted 2002 days ago

    John  Biegel


    So here I am, checking out Bleacher Report to see what's up with my Cubs, and I see an article about Jorge Soler, who I'm already inordinately excited about even though he'll probably be a bust like every other Cubs prospect I've ever been excited about. So I go to check it out and who wrote it? None other than Miami's own Dan Kukla. And I'm like, "Hey, I know that guy." Glad to see you writing bud, hope all is well for you!

    And don't kick the Cubs too much, we're already in the fetal position...