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I grew up in New York and can remember going to Yankee Stadium when there were still games that had half empty stands. However, I didn't mind seeing the Yankees win too. I attended the World Series parades in '96 and '98.

Now I'm a several times displaced Yankees fan. I spent several years in Chicago, anxiously waiting for the Yankees to come to town to play the White Sox. I'm currently living near Tampa, a short drive from Legends Field.

In college I was the Sports Editor on the campus newspaper. I've been doing other writing since then, but have rediscovered the joy of writing about sports, especially the Yankees.

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  • Pete McKeown posted 3143 days ago

    Pete McKeown

    Hey Mike, After a little hiatus, I'm back, and writing about something different, this year's Kentucky Derby. Check out my comedic take on what happened.


  • Jennifer Taglione posted 3224 days ago

    Jennifer Taglione

    The B/R version took like an hour...as opposed to the stiletto sports 10 hour version :)