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  • Dilan Ames posted 333 days ago

    Dilan Ames

    Thanks for the edits and kind words, Ryan!

  • Alex Sims posted 507 days ago

    Alex Sims

    Thanks for the edits and the feedback on my Kliff Kingsbury piece, Ryan. It seems like you put a good amount of time and attention to it...much appreciated.

  • Matt Stein posted 508 days ago

    Matt Stein

    Thanks for the edits, Ryan. Appreciate the work and comments.

  • Scott Polacek posted 510 days ago

    Scott Polacek

    Thanks for the corrections today Ryan. I have to watch out for those compound modifiers. Much appreciated.

  • Jason Fray posted 511 days ago

    Jason Fray

    Thanks Ryan, appreciate the edits

  • Kelly Scaletta posted 518 days ago

    Kelly Scaletta

    Thanks for another edit Ryan. i appreciate your detailed comments too. It's very helpful.

  • Kelly Scaletta posted 522 days ago

    Kelly Scaletta

    Thanks for the edit Ryan!

  • The Doctor Chris Mueller posted 522 days ago

    The Doctor Chris Mueller

    Hey Ryan,
    Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I think it is a wrestling lingo thing because the original way I had it makes more sense.
    "A guy like Big Show is immensely valuable to a wrestling company because he can make almost anyone look like a huge star by putting them over."
    What I am saying is "he (Big Show) can make anyone like look a big star by putting them (The other person) over." Which is why he is valuable. I think where it got confusing was not knowing that "He" meant Big Show and "Them" meant his opponent.
    I went back and changed it to what I originally had because what you changed it to kind of said the opposite of what I meant to say. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Kelly Scaletta posted 525 days ago

    Kelly Scaletta

    Thanks for the edit and the feedback.

  • Brett David Roberts posted 532 days ago

    Brett David Roberts

    Thanks for the edit, but I've now heard two conflicting edits on the P.M. vs PM thing. Not sure if you are right or the previous editor.