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  • Jeff Kalafa posted 2112 days ago

    Jeff Kalafa

    "Hey Jeff, after the Big East announces the addition of Temple this week I take it you will write an article trashing Temple for breaking their two year agreement with the MAC, like you did W.V. when they left the Big East. I also am sure you will blast Marinatto for using Temple to get to the 8 teams he needs to keep the BCS and TV deals, just like you did the Big 12 commish in his quest to get 10 teams. I am anxious to see your character after this announcement on wednesday."

    Steve, both conferences lured teams from another conference and one can see a likeness.

    But what you fail to mention is the way in which Temple leaves the MAC, and how it differs from WVU leaving the Big East.

    Temple never sued the MAC, they never claimed bogus allegations against the it, and their AD never boldly stated "I guarantee we will play football in the Big East next season."

    What they did instead, and what WVU failed to do, was to honorably negotiate a fair and just exit fee to which both parties agreed.