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Welcome to an Oregon football fan website like none other, in fact there isn’t anything like it anywhere in the World! This website is dedicated to the education and entertainment of Oregon Duck fans everywhere. Charles Fischer and Kurt Liedtke have been veterans of Oregon football message boards/forums for a dozen years, and in the beginning was simply a place to “store their stuff” as the two wanted to write and create videos. Soon others wanted to share in their vision as they began to augment features to this site after asking, “Wouldn’t that be cool?”

What is about?

The Fish Tutorials videos are meant to be timeless, as basic explanations of the Oregon Offense. (And later our defense) The Fish Reports will continue to be timely observations and schematic video analysis of games unlike anything done before. These six to eight minute videos are meant for those who want to learn and watch the evolution of the Chip Kelly Offense through the football season. Last year had some DANDY developments that we wouldn’t have known without the advent of High Definition and Slow Motion! Our videos are of the highest digital quality actually exceeding what YouTube can show.

For the more casual fans we now have The FishDuck Minute, which will always be under two minutes and will quickly cover a strategy or play while being fast paced, and set to music with real game footage. It is becoming the Flagship of the site as the majority of people prefer a concise way to learn about our beloved Ducks of which again is unique in college football.

The FishWrap is ongoing daily articles written by eleven authors, of which eight have been professionally published. We have five “Theme” days each week with Monday being devoted to “History of Oregon Football”, Tuesday is all the other sports other than football, Wednesday is always a Recruiting Update day, while Thursday is “Player Day” where we interview our heroes of present and past Oregon teams. “Saturday Spoofs” is meant to take a look at the lighter side of college football, without sparing the fans of the opposition any quarter. Friday and Sunday are Opinion-Editorials, or any free subject those writers prefer since they always deliver such interesting blog entries. writers are being recognized for their journalist talent, their painstaking research, and their feelings for our beloved Ducks that transcends above the print. We will not have “hit or negative” articles about the players, the coaches, or the university. We let all the media outlets handle that side as they have.

We are now using new technology to create cool new one-on-one interviews with split-screen video! Each participant is on each side of the screen; how cool is that? Kurt has his infamous V-Log each week where he offers updates about the site, commentary about everything Oregon and music to boot!

Have you ever watched a great Oregon Highlight video—and then couldn’t find it later as you can’t remember the title, or don’t know which e-mail had the link? We have the answer at with The FishTank which contains over 4,000 Oregon football videos! We have a seven second replay on all videos and a slow motion button besides! NOBODY has a video archive like this site. One Oregon fan told us, “ is a Black Hole–I go in and don’t come out for two hours!” The FishTank does that to all of us; what a wonderful feature!

The FishBowl is a football message board/forum that is also unique among college football fans as it is the only board where you can start a poll, post a picture, and embed a video! Doing all three at times can be great fun, but what really makes this board special are the people who come to it to learn more about our beloved Ducks from each other.

There are a great number of knowledgeable, intelligent posters who refuse to write/post again on an Oregon football board after having someone jump down their throat at another site because they disagreed on a point of discussion. We, on the other hand, will be ruthless in sorting out the wackos, those who insult, and those who behave unlike a gentleman. They can go to other sites for that, as we want great football discussion, the highbrow stuff, and we will prune out the culls in a hurry to create and preserve a great board for learning.

Everyone will be welcome in The FishBowl, especially the classy fans of other teams to trade info about each other’s teams to enhance the enjoyment of the games for all. But everyone has to be nice, with no insults, names, or any snide stuff. We are Gentlemen here, and we will defend everyone immediately from even the slightest attack. We have no compunction about being callous at eliminating those who pick at others, insult or name-call. We will not tolerate even the slightest passive-aggressive nonsense, or any antagonistically offered “questions” by opposing or our own rude fans.

The FishBowl could emerge with quite a following when intelligent, rational people from all teams realize there is a “safe” place to go to talk football and Xs and Os. We would rather have 100 posters who are good and decent, instead of 10,000 posters who engage in nonsense. There are fewer of the high quality people that are a matchup for a Gentlemen’s board like ours, but the opposite effect could be the result; by pruning out all the culls we could attract the higher quality posters from other places, or the many who currently do not post might now be more inclined to do so with a “safe” place to write.

As it is now…there is no other website like this. With the way we write our articles and create the videos…the atmosphere is different as one of learning and sharing information. If you disagree or have information to add, then do give us the links. I HAVE changed reports/videos in the past and will continue to as I learn from all of you. I will encourage classy fans of other teams to come learn about Oregon and share some Xs and Os about their team. Anyone who is courteous, smart, and pleasant is welcome.

We have many more features to roll-out between now and the next football season, as we strive to become the best overall college football fan website. Yet it is the people who come to to learn and enjoy Oregon football who make it a success. Ultimately we will be the Rolls-Royce of Football websites—not from the cool features, not from being free to you, but in the quality of membership.

Oh how we Love to learn about our beloved Ducks!

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