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  • Ryan Jones posted 2053 days ago

    Ryan Jones

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • Marc Mattaliano posted 2112 days ago

    Marc Mattaliano

    Hi D-Bry. Not sure if you're asking me that question seriously (a lot of snarky sarcastic folks on BR, you understand), however if you are asking my opinion seriously, here it is...

    Edge: The guy was pretty over by the time he got to Cena, however in my opinion, Edge's feud with Cena really didn't do much for Edge. Really, it just made him look more like the "Ultimate Opportunist," which he did well, but it was only bound to last so long. Honestly, Edge's "Ultimate Opportunist" gimmick really ended up setting a nasty precedent for future heels in WWE for being too generic, always cheating, and having no real "thing" aside from being cowards who take the easy way out. So really, even if Edge received more spotlight as Cena's main rival, cheating to beat Cena gained him next to nothing aside from title reigns to put on his resume. You might ask others who say Edge would be nothing without his feud with Cena. Me, I say it gave Edge a taste of main event spotlight, but didn't give him much substance. Only thing it did was give Edge a precedent for cheating that he could overturn with his last run as World Heavyweight Champ. Other than that, though, I could've done without it.

    Orton: Again, Orton was pretty over by the time he reached Cena, and since Orton ultimately failed to beat Cena in their feud, Cena ended up getting more rep because he beat Orton, when it really should've been the other way around.

    CM Punk: My personal favorite. Okay, the thing is...Punk, like Edge, gained a lot from taking Cena head-on, however Punk should've been able to go over Cena CLEAN! At MITB, Punk won because Cena was distracted by Vince and Laurinaitis, so it was a tad smudgy. At Summerslam, Cena's foot was on the rope. Unclean. Had Punk beaten Cena both times 100% clean, Punk would seriously look like the big man on campus right now. Don't get me wrong, he pretty much does anyway thanks to crowd reaction, but he really needs this feud with Jericho to go his way at Wrestlemania, in the "Best in the World" WWE Championship (as I'm calling it), in order to truly solidify himself as a true top guy, truly the Best in the World, and truly the guy to potentially unseat Cena as the face of the company. Question is, did Cena help put him over? He helped, but he could've helped a hell of a lot more. If they're simply waiting till after Wrestlemania for CM Punk to go over Cena clean, fine. After Rock disappears again, creative will scramble to think of something for Cena, and more than likely, they'll have him go after Punk. Which actually leads me to believe that Cena will win at Wrestlemania. If Cena beats Rock and Punk beats Cena, it could be the ultimate way to put Punk over, and set up a possible match at Wrestlemania 29, Punk vs. Rock. If that's the plan, I'd be okay with it. Gonna be a while before we see it, though.

    Sheamus: My other personal favorite! Answer: no. Cena didn't help put Sheamus over at all. Sheamus beat Cena in a tables match, which isn't respected nearly as much as winning a standard one-fall match. Additionally, Sheamus lost the title at the Elimination Chamber to Cena. So Sheamus won the belt in a one-on-one gimmick match then lost it back to the man who he took it from in a SIX-man gimmick match. Sheamus didn't look worse than that moment. And considering Sheamus was pretty much a laughing stock for a long while after that, I'd say Cena had pretty much all but buried Sheamus. Had they not gone with an attempted face turn, Sheamus might've been kicked down to FCW by now. I'm really happy that he's taking on D-Bry (you?) for the World Heavyweight Title at Wrestlemania. I just hope Orton doesn't stick his nose in. It's a time for two young talents to really shine on a big stage.

    Rob Van Dam: Again, another guy who was already pretty over with fans by the time he got to Cena, however their match at One Night Stand was a definite classic if for no other reason than what it meant. It was really one of the big moments fans got to see a truly anti-Cena crowd. These days, they're fairly common, but back then, at least in my memory, you had to really listen for them. So in my opinion, Cena didn't put Van Dam over, but he might've helped him grab a bit of cred going from being ECW to WWE.

    Zack Ryder: These two have only faced each other in one real match (that I know of), and it was a glorified squash. As for backstage segments, I suppose maybe Ryder shared a bit of Cena's spotlight as a superstar. But then again, Zack's popularity has been growing LATELY, during Cena's biggest time of criticism from fans in attendance. If anything, I keep thinking Cena was STEALING Zack's spotlight, not the other way around. It's really hard for me to see how Zack gained much from being around Cena, aside from the possibility of being involved with the injury angle, which is allowing Zack time away for fans to miss him. Zack taking the hit there is inspiring fans to empathize with him, and when he comes back he's either going to gun for Kane or Cena or Eve. He could still gain a lot from getting injured as a result of his friendship with Cena, but it hasn't quite come yet. Look for it on the horizon.

    Sorry if I went on too long. Hopefully I answered your question.

    Have a good day...Marc.

  • Damen Helsing posted 2113 days ago

    Damen Helsing

    If you really are Daniel Bryan, then go WOOOOOOHOOOOO! as you walk out tonight. =)

  • chuck norris is watching you posted 2115 days ago

    chuck norris is watching you

    "You used to be cool, but then you insulted me, so now I laugh & mock you for your tomfoolery."

    I fail to see how I insulted you. are you talking about my daniel bryan fanboy comment? well you sir ARE daniel bryan. how can you be a daniel bryan fanboy? are you talking about my go outside, douche comment? when you were in ROH, wasnt there a saying that went, "danielson is a dick"? what about now? isnt the character you play, a douchebag?
    I believe I heard a saying, "d-bry is a douche", referring to your character. I dont recall ever speaking to you out of character, before you did that to me. If I did, then show me.

  • chuck norris is watching you posted 2115 days ago

    chuck norris is watching you

    you want to know why I think bryan is boring? look up the term "vanilla midget" and you'll see why. I'll explain anyway. bryan cant cut an interesting promo to save his life. he's monotone. the vegan angle is ridiculous. he's a good wrestler but his character takes away from his wrestling ability. people w/ charisma make ridiculous characters interesting(brodus clay).
    bryan has no charisma and therefore is not interesting.

    you wanna know why people bash me? because some people cant stand the fact that others have a different opinion than they do and will belittle others who dare to criticize their god daniel bryan.

    you call me a coward. I would like to know how you think I am a coward.

  • chuck norris is watching you posted 2115 days ago

    chuck norris is watching you

    no wonder you're gonna lose your belt to sheamus. you spend 90% of your time on b/r trying to pick a fight w/ the baddest man ever to live. redirect some of that anger towards your opponents in the ring and maybe you won't be so boring

  • Anirudh Sharma posted 2115 days ago

    Anirudh Sharma

    dang the real daniel bryan is on B/C

  • chuck norris is watching you posted 2115 days ago

    chuck norris is watching you

    "Oh and, to borrow a quote from you (but then maksome necessary adapations):"

    unless you can type perfectly w/out any typos, then don't try to correct someone else's typos.

  • chuck norris is watching you posted 2115 days ago

    chuck norris is watching you

    "Your response earler - "talk to me again when your capable of doing something other than make me go to the fridge" " you might wanna try reading that comment again.

  • chuck norris is watching you posted 2115 days ago

    chuck norris is watching you

    wow. what an angry little man you are. all of this is directed at me because you know that all you are is a transitional champion w/ a weak submission move and as soon as sheamus beats you and takes that belt from you, that you wont even so much as sniff another title opportunity. I am honored that I get under your skin so much.