Dean  C

Dean C


2012 PREDICTIONS.......HOME GAMES: Colts W 26-17 vs Texans. Colts W 20-9 vs Jaguars. Colts L 28-20 vs Titans. Colts W 31-13 vs Buffalo. Colts W 28-24 vs Dolphins. Colts L 41-20 vs Packers. Colts W 27-17 vs Minnesota....AWAY GAMES: Colts L 32-17 @ Texans. Colts W 17-14 @ Jaguars. Colts W 17-15 @ Titans. Colts L 36-13 vs NE. Colts L 28-10 @ Jets. Colts L 23-9 @ Bears. Colts L 39-26 @ Detroit....Additional games(dont know if away or at home): Colts W vs KC 23-14 and W vs Browns 32-10........9-7. Second AFC South. Peyton will be cut. Reason: for Andrew Luck to make way, Manning will want a Superbowl contending side who only misses an Elite QB (eg AZ, SEA, DEN). I would rather him take a pay cut though. Pat Angerer will have 160 tackles, 3 sacks, 3 ints, 4 FF and a Pro Bowl berth. Andrew Luck will have 3800 passing yrds, 23 tds, 15 ints, 64% completion (6.6/pass). Pagano makes a huge difference for us (Caldwell was useless). Narrowly miss out on AFC berth as Texans get 1st seed. Patriots 2nd seed. Ravens 3rd seed. Denver 4th seed. Wildcards: Pitts and SD

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  • Ken Jones posted 2139 days ago

    Ken Jones

    Dean you must be very upset over your colts past season. But that is no reason to go and start bad mouthing the new england patriots. Are you still upset that peyton manning couldnt solve BB? Have fun watching us in the playoffs again next year as your colts finish last place.

    PS. I know how your feeling buddy (but not really)

  • Mike M posted 2161 days ago

    Mike  M

    I think that Orlavsky is a nice player... I think that his predecesor painter could make me look like an NFL that might have made him look a bit better. I got no problems with colts keeping Dan to maybe push luck or somthing and serve as backup but it would be Media suicide to start Orlavsky over luck. The first overall pick 99% of the time plays from week 1, and more important It simply does not make sense for your backup QB to be making 3 times as much as your starter haha.

    Honestly if Im a colts fan im not worried and Im excited to see what luck can do...if the management do their homework and make good personell moves this team could be contending within a year.

    Luck will be me on this. You got a guy that is Tom Brady sized but thicker, excellent in the pocket, accurate on the run, and faster then Aaron Rodgers! And hes a really smart guy. Its hard to get majority of scouts to agree and 95% are flat out ALL IN on luck.

    This is not jamarcus russell this is not oh he might be good, this is best prospect since John Elway...the last prospect that graded close to this high was peyton manning...and he turned out to be pretty good lol

  • Mike M posted 2161 days ago

    Mike  M

    In response to comment:

    Lol you do not need to work hard to convince me Painter is a horrible QB. He sure as hell does not help the defense but the saints game I don’t care where they start….brees completed 90% of his passes and threw 5 touchdowns I mean the defense needs to take the responsibility for that.

    And you simply cannot use the Texans example this year… TJ Yates was just coming in and they lost 3 in a row to end the year…they were shutting it down at end of year. I can just as easily sight the Baltimore game they had as an example on opposite end of spectrum. But just look at Texans... Top 3 defense, top 3 running game, A QB who has been dead even with manning the past 2 years, best receiver in afc, best O line. That team is scary when healthy.
    And of course Caldwell was horrible! I called him a Jellyfish with a headset. We need to keep in mind that offensively, the coach is really irrelevant because it is Peyton’s offense…which in itself is somewhat concerning because when luck comes in he will not be able to run it the same way. Defensively, I think Pagano will help.

    But as I said I think they could make the playoffs next year as a wildcard but so what? I mean this team is not going into Baltimore, NE, Pitts, or Houston and then beating the Packers, saints, giants or whoever the NFC put up they simply do not have the team to do it. No one has more playoff wins then Brady and he could not do it with a slightly better roster around him and hes not coming off of neck surgery…hes coming off unanimous MVP season.

    Colts won 1 in 13 years when the teams were actually good you cannot expect the colts to win one off 2-14 and a rusty manning. And if manning is that intent on winning championship why the hell would he not go to a team that is a QB away from being serious contenders where he can get paid more and not have to return to a team that is pushing him out?

    Its not worth it team is moving in different direction I think Irsay will make right decision and I think Peyton will understand.