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I am a Washingtonian, born and raised just outside the nations capital. I have been a lifelong Redskins fan, the rest of my sports allegiances have come about piecemeal. I am a Florida Gator by choice of my education. My brother was a Hokie and so I follow Virginia Tech football to a certain degree. The SEC is the best conference in the nation from top to bottom, especially at the top. I had no hometown baseball team growing up, and I wasn't going to be an Oriole, so I picked the Yankees. Call me a bandwagoner all you want, I was young and I liked the pinstripes. I have been a swimmer and runner since I was very young and as a result I follow the Olympics religiously, both winter and summer, everything from Curling to Basketball, Archery to Hockey. I love the NBA. I have no favorite team because its not a team league. I follow superstars, LeBron, Kobe, etc. I love sports, especially come prime time. There is nothing better than the playoffs, the olympics, bowl games, and march madness.

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