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A WWE Fan who reads daily - Also Owner of Ryback Account.
Also would like to write in the WWE section, have applied.

Favorite Wrestlers of all time:
1) Batista
2) Triple H
3) The Rock
4) Stone Cold Steve Austin
5) Randy Orton
6) Undertaker
7) Chris Jericho

Tell me what you think of this. It was my application to become a writer - it got rejected but tell me what you guys think:
Is the PG Era a bad thing for WWE?

In 2008, WWE made a change in their programming. They turned into TV-PG, some of the WWE Universe were happy with this transition while others still hate it to this day, even going to the extreme and refusing to watch any WWE programming until the so called 'PG Era' ends.
Is this suitable for Pro Wrestling?

In this article I will be looking at the pros and cons of the WWE's PG Era.

Some members of the WWE Universe - mainly the older ones hate anything and everything to do with the PG Era, blaming John Cena and calling the WWE a 'kids show'. Are these comments correct or are the older fans feeling nostalgic?

Another argument is that you cannot rate Pro Wrestling as PG and that the WWE are hypocrites with their anti-bullying campaigns and their 'don't try this at home' video packages.

Could all these people just be turning to the PG Era as an easy target because they cannot back up their comments?

Other members of the WWE Universe believe that the PG Era is a good thing and that the world has changed and so has the WWE, becoming more Child-Friendly.

Nonetheless the world is moving at a fast rate, and the WWE is trying to stay 'mainstream'. So could the PG Era be a smart business move and just that, or is there more to this story.

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  • Ryan L posted 947 days ago

    Ryan  L

    Anytime. :)

  • Ryan L posted 948 days ago

    Ryan  L

    I think its pretty impressive. Honestly, It could have been even longer still impressive. I do not understand how some lesser talented individuals get picked. I could name several people who get accepted with less talent.

  • Y2J is the best posted 948 days ago

    Y2J is the best

    I think it's pretty good, it could have been a bit longer but good nonetheless. Do you know Rachel Miller? She has to be the absolute worst writer on this site, the fact that they accepted her is beyond me. Justin Watry is not that good either, but the comments sections of his articles are pretty entertaining.

  • Chinmay posted 948 days ago



    Thanks for your message. I will try to give you my opinion from BR perspective. Please don't mind it.

    1. The title should be starting with a key word. In case of this article, it is WWE. A title like say "WWE PG Era: Is it a bad business move?" would be a better idea. B/R likes these kind of headlines.

    2. The opening paragraph sells your articles. You have to keep it very simple and concise. In case of your article, the second sentence itself contained a lot of clauses. You need to work on your sentence structuring a bit. I would say that go for simple and short sentences with good use vocabulary in your application article.

    3. Other than that, the article is good. I found it a tad short. I did not count words, but the limit is 500. I would suggest that make a full use of it.

    4. As for the image, go for appealing images. In this case, this image fits. However, may be an image of Cena would have helped too.

    5. This one will sound very weird to you, but it is the reality these days. BR is not exactly accepting applications with gimmick usernames these days, unless and until the writer is exceptionally talented. I guess, you would be better off with a more mainstream username. Moreover, if they find out you have two accounts on the site, you will blocked for sometime and will hardly ever be accepted as a writer.

    I hope these things help you. In case you wanna know anything more, feel free to ask.

  • Ryback posted 948 days ago


    I am the owner of the Ryback Parody Account.... The TRUE Ryback Parody Account.