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I am a born and raised San Franciscan and a lifelong Giants fan. I also root for the Niners and Warriors but I bleed orange and black. I was at two of the three World Series games at Pac Bell in 2002 (for free thanks to a friend who worked the turnstiles) and have seen many of Barry Bonds' home runs sail into McCovey Cove.

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  • Kevin H. MacLean posted 2033 days ago

    Kevin H. MacLean

    For all of those out there who say baseball should have a salary cap, prepare to have some knowledge dropped on you.


  • Keith Schlosser posted 2056 days ago

    Keith Schlosser

    In wake of the ALCS, please check out my interview with the former Yankee and Angel, the truly inspirational, Jim Abbott!


  • Kevin H. MacLean posted 2091 days ago

    Kevin H. MacLean

    I'm Back!


  • Danny Penza posted 2164 days ago

    Danny Penza

    Shameless plugging. But it's the Panda so you gotta love it.


  • Danny Penza posted 2171 days ago

    Danny Penza

    Shameless plugging. I apologize in advance.


  • Andrew Brining posted 2177 days ago

    Andrew Brining

    Think I gotta take some heat on this one, lesson (re)learned.


  • Paul Swaney posted 2178 days ago

    Paul Swaney

    With your team in 2nd place, what do you think are the chances that they'll reach the top of the division?


  • Andrew Brining posted 2180 days ago

    Andrew Brining

    Yo Rael,

    B/R threw me an interview with one of SF's newest draft picks. The guy's got a pretty interesting story you should check out:


  • Danny Penza posted 2181 days ago

    Danny Penza

    Nuschler posted his an hour before mine but it would be nice to read both!


  • Andrew Brining posted 2181 days ago

    Andrew Brining

    Yo Rael,

    Back in familiar waters today. Gotta love seeing the Giants come home: