Nathan is a graduate from Shawnee State University holding a B.S. in Sport Studies. While at SSU he also minored in Communications and Philosophy. Professionally he has worked with the SSU Athletic Department, Women's Professional Soccer and Women Talk Sports.

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  • Juchi posted 329 days ago


    Just read your top MMA fighters under 25, Nathan. Was rather surprised that Angela Lee was omitted. At 6-0, a title championship, and just turned 20,was this an oversight or do you truly not think that she belongs. If the latter, why?

  • Melanie Elisabeth posted 572 days ago

    Melanie Elisabeth

    Nathan have you seen this video yet? Conor faces off with Ronda: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seUpfvFvBN0

  • Matthew Perez posted 635 days ago

    Matthew Perez

    Hey Nathan, my name is Matthew Perez and I am a journalism student at the University of Alabama. My final story of the year is about UFC coming to New York and the effect it will have on the city. One of the requirements is that I have 5 sources and was wondering:Do you see New York hosting upcoming events as a positive? What might some of the benefits be?

  • Rob Bryan Npc posted 698 days ago

    Rob Bryan Npc

    Hey Nathan my name is Rob Bryan and i used to be close friends and even worked with Kimbo, Mike (his boss) and the whole crew, im actually the one who got the boat yard location for a couple of his fights, and was there (i have pictures and proof) i was also at a couple other street fights that he had.. if u want the real story behind Kimbo i would love to talk..

  • Whizz Kid posted 726 days ago

    Whizz Kid

    Love reading you're articles. Keep up the good work Nathan :)

  • JD Rader posted 810 days ago

    JD Rader

    Hey Nathan, my name is JD and I'm an 18 year old aspiring sport journalist (preferably MMA), and I was just wondering how you got your start in MMA journalism and if you had any tips. My email is raderjd@gmail.com. Anything you could send my way would be awesome. Thanks.

  • jason marlowe posted 950 days ago

    jason marlowe

    You're small article about Cejudo is pretty ignorant. To date we've had 2 US Gold medalists in the Olympics; Mark Schultz (1 fight UFC 9) and Cejudo. They are a combined 9-0 in MMA. Add Cormier, probably the best right behind those 2 who came from wrestling backgrounds, and it's a 25-1 record for those atheletes. Cejudo is the youngest gold medalist in US history at age 21. People who never wrestled in at least high school, or better yet college, simply are bored by wrestlers and see it as less skillful because they have no clue what they are watching and definitely no clue on how a wrestler of his level feels in a real fight. Cormier has dominated everybody he's fought except Jones and his best finish was 4th in the Olympics. Another great example is Russian Combat Sambo champs like Fedor, Khabib. They all smother people to the point they break. Khabib is what, 22-0?

    Mark my words dude who knows nothing of wrestling; Cejudo will take that belt and it will be sooner than later.

  • Rosco Guerrero posted 1079 days ago

    Rosco Guerrero

    Hey Nathan, a video of Brandon Thatch has gone live that I think you'll like. Just in time for the Benson Henderson fight!

  • Alex Adam posted 1114 days ago

    Alex Adam

    FYI, A person (Hector Lombard) does not "embark" fear in a person. A person may "induce" fear but he cannot "embark" fear.
    Other than that I thought the article was pretty informative.

  • andy louden posted 1161 days ago

    andy louden

    Still can't believe you didn't know who Joe Schilling was bwahahaha