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Nathan is a graduate from Shawnee State University holding a B.S. in Sport Studies. While at SSU he also minored in Communications and Philosophy. Professionally he has worked with the SSU Athletic Department, Women's Professional Soccer and Women Talk Sports.

@McCarterN is the Twitter handle of choice. Follow.

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  • Alex Adam posted 30 days ago

    Alex Adam

    FYI, A person (Hector Lombard) does not "embark" fear in a person. A person may "induce" fear but he cannot "embark" fear.
    Other than that I thought the article was pretty informative.

  • andy louden posted 76 days ago

    andy louden

    Still can't believe you didn't know who Joe Schilling was bwahahaha

  • John Lavitt posted 140 days ago

    John Lavitt

    Nathan, as a fellow professional writer, I truly respect your work. Balanced, consistent and dependable writing is rare these days, and I always know you will deliver. Way to go!

  • Cecylia posted 403 days ago


    Hey Nathan...Great article

    Does Tate Have a Shot vs. Rousey?

    Keep up the good work! :)

  • MrVet posted 446 days ago


    Some thoughts about your latest article!

  • Patrick Mocella posted 611 days ago

    Patrick Mocella

    Do you know that Nick Sears guy or something?

  • Alejandro Prieto posted 703 days ago

    Alejandro Prieto

    I represent Fighters Source and we are hosting the first sanctioned MMA event in New York City, at the Manhattan Center, on March 23, 2013. Visit us at

    Any questions, feel free to email me.

    Alejandro Prieto
    Fighters Source
    Marketing/Events Coordinator

  • Andrew Parsons posted 740 days ago

    Andrew Parsons

    Well played on the Ruth or Mays question sir.

  • Ryan L posted 765 days ago

    Ryan  L

    No problem, my friend. I will look forward to seeing your articles in the new year.

  • Delika Tasens posted 910 days ago

    Delika Tasens

    You might have a B.S. in 'sports studies,' but obviously you never studied English, writing, or scorekeeping! If Radwanska beat Kerber 6-4, 7-5, where's the tie-break you mention?
    And ever hear of who vs. whom? "She is the current No. 1 player in the world, who SHOULD BE WHOM Williams met in the Wimbledon just a month ago."
    How 'bout less vs. fewer?
    "Sanchez won less SHOULD BE FEWER games than she has names."
    At least get an editor or proofreader before you try out for a real writing job...

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