Patrick Warren

Patrick Warren


I grew up in the Midwest, and went to college in Kansas (on an engineering scholarship). Consequently, my favorite sports teams tend to be from the area, especially from the Big 12 and Missouri Valley. My grandfather, Tommy Warren, was a long-time professional baseball player whose potential MLB career was ended by racism and injuries sustained in WWII (he was considered the first injured veteran to return to play in the majors, and was known as "The Red Man on the Dodgers").

My personal athletic history is short. I had an athletic body (6'3", 200 lbs), but didn't focus on athletics in high school, despite playing at least one sport in every semester of high school (cross country, basketball, baseball, and track were my four sports). When I reached college, I realized that I liked coaching and thinking about sports more than competing, though I had a tiny dream of becoming a walk-on to a basketball program.

I'm a stat geek, and have several huge spreadsheets to help with my desire for stats, though I have a tendency to misuse them. For instance, I hand-typed all the major stats for every Division I basketball program so that I could create a more accurate WIN score for the college game (and make predictions in the tournament), along with a database of the height, weight, and position of every player on the tournament teams.

My favorite sport to watch and talk about is basketball (college, highschool, and pro), though I also love the NFL and Track&Field. Despite a healthy baseball background, I tend to avoid it more than other sports, though I still watch postseason every year. I truly dislike the greedy nature of college football, and the way that one conference has completely dominated it the last few years, so I make a constant effort to avoid it until it gets its act together.

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  • Bobby Slaughter posted 2145 days ago

    Bobby Slaughter

    Patrick, I do understand where you are in your dislike for Cal. As I also have that same dislike for Booby Knight but will admit he did a good job graduating his players at IU. They may have came thru with mental scars but they did graduate. I'm a KY fan and my wife is a Memphis fan and we live just outside Memphis so I have known Cal for a number of years and thought he should have gotten the KY job when "10 Loss Tubby" left. Cal still does a lot of community work in the Memphis area that isn't told. What people don't like about Cal is that he has taken the NCAA rules and used them to the benefit of the college program. If you check you will see that other programs, aka Duke, N.C., Louisville, to name a few, have done the same but not to the extent of KY. and why ? Cal has coached in the NBA and knows the NBA where the others don't. The reason people don't like Cal is the same as they don't like KY, JEALOUS. Coach Rupp was said to be a racist but what people don't know about him was what he used to do for the poor black families in the Lexington area and he didn't make a big deal out of it. I have read and heard people talk "trash " about KY, Rupp, Cal, who couldn't back up a word of what they were saying, just repeating what they have heard others say and that is what makes me very MAD. I think I said this already but I will repeat it, I lived in L.A during the Wooden area and saw what went on with the UCLA players and Poppa Sam but no one wants to tell the truth about all the cheating that went on at UCLA during the Wooden area because it might hurt Wooden. And to that I say......BS.. He was a CHEATER and it was proven. You are allowed your opinion and so am I My closing I will say, At 65, I'm KY Blue, thru and thru

  • Bobby Slaughter posted 2146 days ago

    Bobby Slaughter

    Is it just because Coach Cal is at KY that you dislike him ? You should do some research on what he does for the community that he lives in, like Memphis and still does. Every one likes to throw dirt on him because of Camby/UMass and then Memphis. Read the NCAA violations and you will see that Cal was not named in either case. Camby said Cal had no knowledge of what he did. NCAA cleared him in the Memphis case and the UMass case. He get the blame anyway. You should check the NCAA violations on the top D-1 coaches and you will see most have violations against them, Pitino, R.Williams, to name a few.