Mike W.

Mike W.


Hey there! I'm Mike. I'm a Psych major in Scranton, PA (yes, the city from The Office). I'm down with football, but I loves me some baseball and hockey. I play drums. I play guitar. I write. I draw. I mooch. Right. Well, enjoy!

Oh, and if anyone is looking for music suggestions, you know, just ask. Really. Please. Do it.

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  • Mike Kent posted 3256 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    I wrote a article about the Eagles and Giant, its a positive article about both teams


  • Maya Filipovic posted 3256 days ago

    Maya Filipovic

    Haha no problem! And hey even I agree, Flyers over Leafs any day! Sshhh I never said that....
    Thanks for saying you enjoy my articles! There's not a lot of Oilers support on B/R.
    Great first article though, can't wait to read more of you pro-Canadian work :P
    Take care!