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  • Jonathan McDanal posted 1581 days ago

    Jonathan McDanal

    Thanks, Sam! I limit my use of others' opinions to the articles that are about the "Top 25." For those, I use either AP or the most current "way-too-early" polls (like ESPN).

    Other than that, I make point systems and evaluate honestly and fairly. Thanks again for noticing and commenting on my bulletin board. It really means a lot.

  • Turk Steffens posted 1815 days ago

    Turk Steffens

    thanks for response, sam. i most certainly agree that kirk deserved a big raise after the orange bowl victory, but wish they'd have kept it more incentive based. i feel that way about pro athletes nowdays too. so often, once they get the big bucks, they don't perform at the level they played at to get the millions of dollars. i don't feel that's fair to others but it's the owners and agents fault. just like with kirk, i'd think he was nuts if he'd have turned down his kicker for financial security [for himself and his family]. must be tough. i have hopes for him getting us back in the mix of contenders but i believe he has to make some personal views changes too. let's go hawks! i'm getting into fran's basketball and even some wrestling now. both should be decent anyway. take care and happy holidays! - ''turk''

  • Turk Steffens posted 1816 days ago

    Turk Steffens

    Good call on Barta! He should be ashamed of himself for that unnecessary contract he gave Kirk after the Orange Bowl victory. I believe it was Barta anyway, wasn't it? I might have to look later to make sure that Bowlsby didn't have something to do with it before he 'skied' on out of here. Either way, it was way too much! Should've been set up with less base but more incentive structured. Oh well. I can't afford season tix anymore [I'm disabled] but if this keeps up, at least one might get to go see one good team [not us--lol!] at Kinnick fairly cheap---like in the ''good old days'' when I started going [1970]. But I'd rather that we got better & better now. Hope we ''bottomed out'' this past season! Go Hawkeyes!!!

  • Carter Mason posted 1846 days ago

    Carter Mason

    Thanks for picking my Brady Quinn article as a favorite! Rough day for Chiefs fans, huh?

  • Kevin King posted 1929 days ago

    Kevin King

    I certainly will, Sam. Thanks again!


  • Kevin King posted 1929 days ago

    Kevin King


    Thanks very much! I was able to fix that in about 1 minute. I really hate when I make those silly mistakes--especially on a name.

    Thanks so much for taking time to point it out. Also, I appreciate the professional way you handled passing the info on.

    Oh! One other thing. Thanks for reading my articles!