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Started with the University of Connecticut’s Daily Campus before joining SB Nation and Bleacher Report. I cover the San Francisco 49ers for B/R, and formerly of SB Nation Bay Area and Niners Nation. Also have extensive experience with fantasy football coverage. I have written about a wide range of sports-related topics, having published works in print as well as online.

As a filmmaker, I exercise my creative abilities as a writer, leader and natural storyteller. I have written numerous screenplays, treatments and scene-by-scenes as well as having experience as a producer and director. My efforts have earned me recognition from the Academy, Universities and the Cannes Film Committee. In 2011, my short film was accepted to the 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival in the South of France.


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  • Chace Crawford posted 1304 days ago

    Chace Crawford

    always my favorite to read on B/R, please keep us informed on your career at CSNBA!! what show can I look for you on?

  • Dylan DeSimone posted 1331 days ago

    Dylan DeSimone

    Fans and Editors --

    As some of you may heard, this week is my last with Bleacher Report as the lead writer for the San Francisco 49ers.

    I've recently accepted an Associate Producer position with CSN Bay Area and will be moving on next week. I wanted to use this forum to thank all of my loyal followers, readers, editors and copyeditors for being with me these past few years. It was a heck of a ride.

    Really enjoyed being the voice of the 49ers, and felt a kinship with my readers. So thank you all for the kind words and support over the years. It meant a lot. I always read your comments and appreciated the positive feedback (even though I didn't always respond).

    That said, I hope you continue to stay with me. You can follow my work at CSN Bay Area from now on, on their dot com and channel. With my new family and the resources at my disposal, I promise you, great things are ahead!

    Thank you,
    Dylan DeSimone

  • York and Baalke Must Be Lovers posted 1337 days ago

    York and Baalke Must Be Lovers

    Enjoyed your piece concerning the odds of who the 9ers will choose in the first round but just a little advice. As I am sure you met nothing by it, you may always want to refrain from comparing an African American to anything in the primate species (Kelvin Benjamin being called and orangutan on his slide). Thanks and keep up the great articles.

  • Susan Turek posted 1353 days ago

    Susan Turek

    Always a pleasure, Dylan!

  • 1 Dream posted 1367 days ago

    1 Dream

    I read your seven round draft this morning and found it to be one of the better ones I have seen for the 49ers. However I have a Question: I thought you couldn't trade away comp picks. So how is San Fran going to trade two third rounders to get into the second round to take a CB, if they trade one for Mike Evans?

  • Angel J. Perea posted 1368 days ago

    Angel J.  Perea

    KEEPING IT THOUGHTFULLY HONEST: Hey Dylan you did a nice job here. As a long time 49er fan since 1955 and student of the game, Mr. DeSimone, your analyze is very astute and logical. I do not think the Rams are dumb enough to trade with 49er nor unfortunately will Evans be within reach for us! One area that you failed to address is a young strong back-up at FB or Blocking back. When we lost Bruce Miller our outstanding FB-BB due to shoulder injury, it was a big lost no one talked about! He is an exceptional player! We need another Tom Rathman jr as back up to Miller to give us more flexiblity in key spots! And finally, possibly trade away a third and fourth to an expect low performing team for their Second in next years draft! Your article was Good Stuff! Angel ;-)

  • vernon sendelbach posted 1413 days ago

    vernon sendelbach

    dylan--use dictionary please! RE;Michael Vick, thw word is "struck a CHORD" not cord as you used

  • Ben Millikan posted 1420 days ago

    Ben Millikan

    Glad I could help, Dylan.

  • Delores Smith-Johnson posted 1423 days ago

    Delores Smith-Johnson

    Hey Dylan! No problem. Always glad to help.

  • Long gone posted 1439 days ago

    Long gone

    Hey Dylan