Eric Ryals

Eric Ryals


Simply but...College student son of wrestling trainer...born and raised in in Philly. Im a college student Education/Broadcast Journalism major. Run track and wrestle. Living in the wrestling business my whole life..know it well

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  • Joe Burgett posted 3295 days ago

    Joe Burgett

    yo Eric, I want to help you out a bit. I saw your Legacy article and it was good only it seemed to not geta good amount of reads it deserved. The reason why was the title. See names are what gets people coming. People see them on google and other places and it gets views through that. What you should have named it probably was Randy Orton's Legacy? A Legacy of What?

    See it catches peopel attention because of the name, also people who have no idea about Legacy at least know Orton. I can help you otu when evetr you need dude, just let me know. You are good, you just need help to get attention to the articles you do. Trust me if it is one thing I am good at it is getting attention. Hope to talk to you soon.

    -Joe Burgett

  • Eric Ryals posted 3296 days ago

    Eric Ryals

    So yeah I hate WWE tag Team Division...