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  • Tobi Writes posted 2152 days ago

    Tobi Writes

    Thanks for your comment! Your idea of a temporary Big East/WAC merger would work in a few ways ---giving each team more than 7 members short term --- but I think it would ultimate prove unworkable and counterproductive for both conferences. Both have different underlying core problems (oddly with the same prescription to fix them though---expansion now).

    The BIg East needs to add schools that have as much esteem (academic, athletic, fan support, big media markets, etc.) as possible so the other BCS AQ conferences do not look on them even more as a substandard conference and begin moving to cut them out of the AQ ranks.

    The WAC on the other hand needs to be preparing for 2013 and 2014 far more than they do 2012.

    IMO, A temporary merger is a short term bandaid that might actually prevent their member schools from addressing their serious issues today. Neither conference should be thinking about bandaids. They both need to be adding members now rather than stretching out the PR hit. They need new schools hitting their stride in the conference by 2014-2016.

    Thanks for reading!