Leon Guite

Leon Guite

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Leon is the name, born on the 2nd of April. It was the summer of 1998, Football World Cup going on in full force. After the WC finished the channels here started telecasting the English Premier League. As a kid, i had already caught the Football bug During the WC, so there i was watching the EPL without any team to support, so to make it more fun i started to look for a team to support. I did not know how to choose a team, so i started looking at the team badges and the very first look at it and i knew it had to be Liverpool FC. It was the lines on the Crest that read "You'll Never Walk Alone" that i fell in love with and i knew, this is going to play a major role in my life. So, the love story started there. I didn't need to know the players or how the team played, in fact the first Liverpool FC match i saw ended in a defeat for the Reds, but it didn't mattered as i had found a reason to love the club. Then came the summer of 2003, a certain Steven Gerrard ,brought on from the youth academy, took over as captain from Sami Hyypia. The first time i saw him with the armband the love in me grew stronger, i knew he is the man to lead in the future and bring the glory days back. Then came the summer of 2005, Liverpool's famous comeback against AC Milan and i realized that my love for Liverpool FC is true and it will last a lifetime. Ever since i have been a massive Liverpool FC supporter.
Then, it was t the year 2006, saw a young kid a WC, Lionel Messi, and i fell in love with him that instant, i knew i had to support him for what he does, and my love story with Barcelona started. After 3 champions league and 3 La Liga in 6 years and 3 Ballon D'or for Messi ensured that my love for the club grows everyday.
Now here i am 2012, telling you how i found Liverpool FC and FC Barcelona. But if i ever have to choose between them it would surely be Liverpool FC, coz it has never Let Me Walk Alone.

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