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  • Dre Smoove posted 1941 days ago

    Dre Smoove

    Response continued from Andrew Luck: QB Proves Future Is Bright for Indy Despite Heartbreaking Loss:

    2) I'll admit the run option hasn’t been productive in the NFL for quite some time, however, that’s not to say it can’t be. Young ran option plays very successfully in San Fran, back 20 years ago. The only problem with it today, is that over time, defenses have gotten a lot faster, mitigating its effectiveness.

    Young was quick enough on his feet, that he was able to befuddle opposing defenses. Until Griffin came around, there just hadn’t been QBs who were both very quick, as well as accurate enough to run the system. That isn’t to say that Griffin will be the next Young, just that he seems to have the right tools for the job.

    Additionally, for all this talk about the option run, the simple fact is that the 'skins are running at most, 4 or 5 double/triple option plays for him, most of Griffin's option play action has come off zone reads as opposed to designed run plays.

    As for pocket presence, Griffin has it, as a matter of fact, your favorite metric has him ranked tops amongst rookies when faced against the blitz and multiple pass rushers (5+). To boot, he's tops amongst QBs period! Watch the game again, Griffin is consistently sacked outside the pocket (where he's also able to make plays).

    3) You sure? Cuz some of your other comments certainly sound like sour grapes to me. Alluding to him having a chromosomal abnormality (Down Syndrome's a serious condition, it's nothing to sneer @). Or referring to him as a scab. Yeah, you sound ever the objective analyst.

    4) I think any comparison suggesting likeness to Brad Smith, Tim Tebow, etc, is a dogged slight (however unintentional). Particularly considering that Griffin's proven he's a QB with the ability to run, as opposed to a QB that can pretty much only run. As to his mental makeup, well... You've already made clear where you think he stands (him having Down Syndrome and all), so there's really no sense arguing this last point with you. :-D