I am extremely excited to be a Featured Columnist at Bleacher Report covering the Washington Nationals and the Washington Capitals.
I am a lifelong, passionate, knowledgeable sports fan who loves to write about my passion. I especially love to discuss the personal impact of sports in my life and the lives of other fanatical sports fans.
I began my sports writing journey in May 2010 when I created my own sports blog. I used the blog to convey and express my love of sports, and it also helped me hone my craft. I was able to use my blog writing to gain acceptance at Bleacher Report in April of 2012.
And now the journey has just begun.
Take a look at the articles I've written so far, and leave me a comment to let me know what you think.
Find me on Twitter @bleachRWreachr.
Let's play ball!


2012/04/05: Joined Bleacher Report.
2012/05/18: Promoted to Featured Columnist I.
2012/05/18: Named Featured Columnist for Washington Nationals.
2012/08/01: 100,000 Article Reads.
2012/08/24: Named Featured Columnist for Washington Capitals.
2012/10/31: 100 Articles Written.
2012/12/01: Promoted to Featured Columnist II.
2012/12/18: 200,000 Article Reads.
2013/04/19: 300,000 Article Reads.
2013/05/12: 1,000 Comments Written.
2013/07/06: 200 Articles Written.
2013/08/28: 400,000 Article Reads.
2013/12/01: Promoted to Featured Columnist III.
2013/12/05: 500,000 Article Reads.
2014/04/09: 300 Articles Written.
2014/05/05: 600,000 Article Reads.

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  • Robin Bost posted 891 days ago

    Robin Bost

    Hey Bobby....where are you man. No articles lately

  • Sports Anlyst Mikey Stewart posted 1191 days ago

    Sports Anlyst  Mikey Stewart


  • jeff McCartney posted 1240 days ago

    jeff McCartney

    Some of your "kudos" for Wilson seem a bit early don't you think? He's been in the NHL a couple weeks and you have him sounding like a top NHL fighter and he's only fought one real tough guy in Cormier. Come on man!!! Give it at least half a season before heaping all that praise on him. And so you know, grabbing a guys legs and pulling him to the ice is not a way to end a fight on "your terms". This is commonly seen as something a non-fighter will do when he's had enough or is out of options. Wilson may be a good fighter over time, but write another report after he sees, Boulton, Engelland, Lucic, Carkner, Matt Martin, McGratten or Ryan Reaves. And make sure he sees them a few times each because he ins't going to march through that crowd with ease. I only named 7 tough guys, some of which can actually play, which it appears by your own admission, Wilson really can't.

  • Dave Ungar posted 1363 days ago

    Dave Ungar

    Thanks as always for liking my article my friend. Let's hope GMGM does not drop the ball tomorrow.

  • Dave Ungar posted 1449 days ago

    Dave Ungar

    Thanks for liking my article Robert. We are obviously on the same page on this one my friend.

  • Dave Ungar posted 1450 days ago

    Dave Ungar

    It is pretty funny how alike we think sometimes. We are both comparing Erat to Semin, especially playoff production. And I swear I did not read your article until after I published mine. If we are both thinking the same way, then that trade had to really suck LOL.

    WTF indeed.

  • Dave Ungar posted 1455 days ago

    Dave Ungar

    Robert thanks for liking my article on the Caps and Pens rivalry. Much appreciated my friend.

  • Dave Ungar posted 1573 days ago

    Dave Ungar

    Robert congrats on hitting Featured Columnist II. Way to go my friend :)

  • Dave Ungar posted 1589 days ago

    Dave Ungar

    Thanks for liking my article on the Caps prospects Robert. As always, it is appreciated.

  • B Legacy posted 1590 days ago

    B Legacy

    Cheers on owning that troll on your Nov.14th NHL Lockout article. Not often I (a Pens fan) give a Caps fan their due, but good job.