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Born in South Wales (actual South Wales, not New South Wales!!!) with an ex-international youth rugby player for a father, surprisingly, it was football that stole my heart rather than rugby. Why you may ask? Well, the fact I shared my first name with the surname of one of the most prolific strikers in the world at the time (Michael Owen) I was soon attracted to Liverpool FC, and became the Kop's latest recruit in the late 1990s, whilst still a young child. Though my passion for football didn't truly develop until 2006, as I developed a true love for, not just Liverpool, but football in general. Steven Gerrard my new idol as he led Liverpool out in the 2007 Champions League Final... a game I openly admit to crying at after the final whistle (I was only 10 at the time!). I have gone on to walk through the wind and the rain, through the good times and bad times, from the highs of victory at Old Trafford and The Bernebau in 2009, to the lows of defeats to Wolves and Wigan at Anfield, I've been through it all (except the true successes, unfortunately!) and I plan on fulfilling my life-time contract with the Reds

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